Favorite Battleborn quotes


(Off the top of my head)
Sentry: So, I can respawn too right… Guys?
-Aw it’s so cute- I mean uh, hi Toby.
-Oh, hey ISIC, please don’t murder me.

Boldur: Please collide with Boldur!
-Meet Boldur’s shield!
-I sing a song of violence… And muscle!
-An enemy! Chase them and tackle them and beat them to dead!
-Bye bye sad ninja man! (Killing Rath)

Montana: Funguscide! (Killing Miko)
-Not bad for a tiny headed lummox, aaaaand now I’m sad. (Killing himself)
-Not safe for work! (Inappropriate Gesture taunt)
-That’s! My! Butt! (Inappropriate Gesture taunt)
-Oh real mature pal! (I think when getting quick melee’d)
-Free hugs!
-Oh yeeeeah! (Randy Savage reference)
-Oh perfect! No- no I love this, LOVE IT!
-So, I got a clone. Apparently he’s immortal, AND he sucks at fighting? Man I hate today! (Killing himself multiple times)

Ghalt: (High pitch voice) Holy sh*t Ghalt’s got 2 guns!? (Normal voice) Yes sir I’m afraid he does! (Using ultimate)
-They call me Papa Shotgun!
-Here comes the hook!

Benedict: Cukaka chao! Cukaka chao! Get it!? Pow! (Forgot which taunt he says this in)
-I swear, if you try and hug me one more time! (Killing Montana)

Oscar Mike: Nice try Ham Hawk! (Killing Montana)
-Turns out chest hairs ain’t bullet proof! (Killing Montana)
-Eat it butter knives! (Killing Rath)
-Die already! (I think when shooting weak enemy players)

Rath: Run! Run from the man with 3 swords! (Getting a killstreak I think)
-Oh! You DO bleed! How wonderful! (Killing Varelsi)

Toby: I warned you! Did I warn you? I should of warned you! Consider this a warning, I’m sorry!
-Eat it! Eat it for every meal! (One of his taunts, Flightless Fury i think)

(Ninja Truffle) #42

My very favorite!

(Cast Iron Chef) #43

It’s when he gets stunned.


I only heard him say it once on a youtube video where 2 people were quick meleeing the ■■■■ out of him.

Skip to 3:30

(Cast Iron Chef) #45

My mistake, it’s when he’s been silenced. I play Monty a lot, so I’ve heard that line more than a few times, especially when going up against Rath. :dukerage:

(pizzonage) #46

Sentry: Hell yeah never give up never stop fighting hell yeah.

(pitaniellom) #47

“I believe in myself now; that makes this time different!”

The first time I ever heard it was in the last stretch of a the Heliophage, the first time ever played it. We were on something like 0 lives left and only I and 1 other person were alive.

We won.

It was magical.

(Cast Iron Chef) #48

I’d give you a like for that, sir, but Discourse claims I’ve used up my allotment so it will have to wait until the morrow. :dukesad:

(Flyux & Alani Enthusiast 💙) #49

Nova’s “AWAY MISSIONS” gets me every single time, as well as ISIC’s “Geoff. Arachnis. Whatever, just kill them already”.

(crummysaint) #50

Orendi after a revenge kill:
“That one was for Orendi. She was SO beautiful and YOU killed her!”

(Douzkaya) #51

Rath says “Oh, I DO bleed, how wonderful.” Not you.
It is a testament to his sustainment and immortality.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #52

No mercy. Not even for the elderly!!!
Yaaaay! All my guts are back.

(Biggy DX) #53

Not really a quote, but I love it when ISIC starts laughing hysterically when you kill an enemy battleborn.

(lowlines - PS4) #54

Whiskey Foxtrot:
If this doesn’t kill you…uhhh…the tetanus probably will!
The legend reborn!
(and pretty much every quote he says when he uses the Tea Ceremony taunt)


No he’s talking about the Varelsi when he says it. I hear it a lot in campaign when fighting them. Though he says “ah, they do bleed” not “oh you do bleed” so I only got that part wrong.

(Demonarcticfox) #56

Attikus when he sees himself in a versus match.

"What. The. FU**"
It’s the way he says it that makes me laugh literally everytime like a school girl, I just can’t help myself.

(Demonarcticfox) #57

Also the sentry bot as you exit the ship in incursion.

"I can respawn to right guys? … in scared voice Guys?

(nyakasgoods) #58

“Hahahahaha! Spiders!”

(Golgothian) #59

My fav quotes out of my head, as close as I can remember : )


Good thing poor people dont feel pain.


I hate you so much, its burning calories.

Whiskey Foxtrott:

Pro-Tip: Blood works best if its kept inside the body.

And lorewise: if you dont mind the lack of political correctness, you own it to yourself to unlock the voice line of Marquis lore (deal 6.000 damage with Bindlebane in one match 10 times). Just hilarious : )

(Smoker) #60

My favorite line is from Boldur near the end of the Experiment… because I just can’t help but picture a technic-phobic co-worker of mine every time I hear it… :

Boldur pushes ALLLLL de buttons!!!