Favorite Battleborn quotes

(Ultimate Loot Hunter) #61

Everything Orendi says. She’s totally nutballs :smile:

Oscar Mike (Killing Thorn): Ughh, It’s Like Hunting Trees!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #62

Ghalt’s voice actor just for singing “Step into my oooooffiiiiicce” when he hooks someone into a Scraptrap.

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #63

That reminds me:
Kleese: (Something along the lines of how he wants Nova as far away from the Varelsi portal as possible).
Nova (Drunkenly slurring): I said I’m fine dad! I can fly just fine on my own, gosh!"
Beginning of The Void’s Edge mission

(Welcome to the Echo Show!) #64

Thorn: "The rumors are true, I AM UNSTOPPABLE!"
Nova: “Command Access DENIED!”

(Robosensei) #65

“I’m going to tear his f*cking arms off!” - ISIC

(Rogahar) #66

Rath’s “small head” line always gets me. xD Trying so hard to quip and all he can think about is Montana’s tiny ■■■■■■■ head.

(Phat Farmer4) #67

Reyna (a line she drops from time to time, no matter the mode) "There is no I in team but there is ME in huh… Meat"!

(Horrorshow22) #68

Just before the Conservator in The Void’s Edge (may be paraphrasing Ghalt slightly):

Ghalt: How are we going to get him up there?
S1 Wolf: We could use those jump pads! Just power them up and ol’ Wolfie’s going for a ride! AWOOOOO!!!1!!
Kleese: You sure are Wolf [sniff], you sure are…

It’s even cranky old man Kleese getting choked up that cracks me up every time.

(Horrorshow22) #69

I’m mostly convinced this line is why WF is getting the Wound debuff added to Scrap Cannon.

(Thrall Lover) #70

Attikus, seeing himself on the enemy team: Oi, Jeff! Izzat you, mate?! … Nope! Not Jeff.

This tells me that there’s a thrall named Jeff out there. I want him to be in the upcoming dlc, and part of me wants him to be like… the Gerald of thrall XD

(Awesome By Analysis) #71

[quote=“Nema, post:70, topic:1528693, full:true”]This tells me that there’s a thrall named Jeff out there.

And ongoing joke I have in the many games I play is that the names of many esoteric and strange creatures will often be painfully mundane (Steve and Bob are favorite). In WoW, I referred to my shaman’s fire elemental as Steve (and, upon killing Ragnaros in Firelands, my entire guild bowed in worship to "Steve, the new firelord!) and my earth elemental as Bob (Bob was kind of special; Steve was always having to take care of him…). While their true names are often weird as hell (since no other creature in the multiverse shares that name with them), in my D&D games, demons/devils/etc often go by names like Joe, Steve, Carl, Bob, Emily, and Carol (Carol was a male demon; don’t judge) when interacting with mortals (since it’s easier to remember those names and has absolutely nothing to do with their true names; well, except in one case where it was a bluff that was there to confuse).

I enjoy defying expectations like that. You expect something completely fantastic and it ends up as something ludicrously mundane (especially if you go with a massive build up or act like the name should be truly terrifying); instant comedy.

(Thrall Lover) #72

“There are some who call me… Tim?”

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #73

Indeed. Stargate is another example of that naming-pattern. Most Wraith in SGA have such names, like Bob, Karl and Steve. Or Kenny, Kenny is my favourite :heart:

Back to topic - I´m really really excited for the DLC-operation. I hunger for moer lore^^


WF killing Ghalt: “OMG Cpt.Ghalt KIA LoL”

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #74

Oscar Mike when Leveling up:
“I have a thousand bullets with your name on em’! I hope your name is Chuck!”
“I killed stuff and leveled up!”
“Making the universe a better place, one dead guy at a time.”

(The RAbbi) #75

Whiskey Foxtrot, mid-air: “Majestic. As. F***!”

(Master of the Rogues) #76

It’s not funny but I like it cause it’s badass

Whiskey (While on a killstreak): "Rendain couldn’t kill me, the Varelsi couldn’t kill me. What makes you think you f***ing stand a chance!?

(crummysaint) #77

Oscar Mike after consecutive critical kills
Whiny voice “Waaah, Oscar Mike is using an aimbot”

(Toby's nest mate, PSN tronixde) #78

Rath: “I’m coming for you! Ready your throat!” (After respawn)


Chronicle: "Alright! A poem about spiders written by someone named Mike-comma-Oscar!"
Oscar Mike: “Those are private!”

Chronicle: “Ooh, erotic novels! I hope they’re about sentries.”

Chronicle: “Hmm, that isn’t my normal job. Then again, the grove isnt normally ON fire.”

Geoff: cough cough “Poison gas! Lethal to giant spiders! I better kill these clowns!”

I just like the sentries.

(SDEN) #80