Favorite Battleborn quotes

(lowlines - PS4) #81

ISIC: “Hope you’re feeling warmed up, because I’m about to reveal my final form. It’s pretty crazy. I got this bonkers yellow hair, and I scream a lot, and…
… Nope, that’s not right. Oh well. Try killing THIS thing, why don’t you?”

This is a cut/hidden line he says when he sends out his Minions in the final boss battle of the Algorithm

(The Handsome One) #82


Foxtrot: Behold, the tea ceremony!

Mellka: Dear Kleese, we hate you. Love your friends.

Isic: Last words not found, applying template. “PLEASE NO! OH GOD NO!” Last words recorded.

El Dragon: Damn these majestic, muscular, robot arms.

Montana: Bigger, badder, possibly hairier.

Toby: It’s Benedict, I hate that guy!

Marquis: Well met Hobos.

Kelvin: Well met butt face! Ha! You are insulted!

Caldarius: I’m alive! F***!

Shayne: yeah! We should take this on the road.
Aurox: I am not your puppet!
Shayne: We are doing a road show!

(badguy5 on YouTube) #83

Ernest upon using his Ultimate:

“Tweet Tweet, you miserable bastards”

(Djr0017) #84

Verod Rath - “Run from the man with three swords!”

(Skeksis Syl) #85

Sentry on incursion “saw the whole thing man. You got rooooooobbed”



LOVE Stargate!

Especially Atlantis!

I wanted to point out though (not trying to nitpick or be a jerk, and I might be wrong), I’m pretty sure the Wraiths did have their own names in their own culture / language, but the humans gave the Wraiths they came into contact with frequently or had captured common human names to humanize them and make them seem less terrifying (Wraith are pretty f*****g scary!).

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #87

Its one of my very very favouite scifi-shows!:heart: Made tons of SGA-fanart too, mostly Wraith. I simply adore them! Reminds me that I need to continue my SG-fancomic oneday…

:smile: of course, all names I mentioned are indeed off-screen names for the scripts and fanmade ones! Bob or Todd were nicknamed by Shepard, but others like Kenny or Karl are nicknames made by fans.
Still think Wraith names are telepaticly spoken or adressed, hard to tell if they got spoken names in words as we do.

Oscar Mikes dirty laughter. Its not really quotable, but its always makes me smile.


Does ISIC speak in two voices / personality?

I just spent a few solid days mastering him and I swear sometimes his lines came out in a much deeper / creepier / more threatening voice…?

Or maybe this was just another Hero who was speaking near me?

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #89

Was it something like "see you in hell,(deep robotic voice)dying


I think so, I thought there were a few…

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #91

That may be what your hearing, he has quite a few variables, alternatively it may be some omega strike dialogue, if you ever see a omega strike ISIC you notice his skull gets distorted and glitchy, so maybe on activation his voice is distorted (but no he has one sure personality

@Ganjamira do you mean when oscar mike goes cloak, cuz I love it to

(Jabrielthomas) #92

I now find a lot of enjoyment out of Earnest’s “Tweet Tweet, you BASTARDS!”

(Australian Lite™) #93

“Cheep Cheep, motherf*cker” is still the best.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #94

Nope; it’s CLEARLY

#I’m Helping!

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #95

Nope, “hope you all brought your lead lined umbrellas”

(SDEN) #96

Rath now says something along the line of “Oh it’s the wannabee Sustainment sister, Galilea” when seeing Gali,

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #97

Ouch, that’s actually a good burn

(SDEN) #98

yeah lmao, I lol’d the first time I heard it

(Cast Iron Chef) #99

Montana upon seeing an enemy Thorn: Look out guys, she brought a bow!

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #100

Marquis on killing an enemy thorn “that’s why you don’t bring a bow to a GUN FIGHT”