Favorite Character You Wish Was Better?

Which character do you absolutely love, but is pretty much unplayable in most metas?

For me, I love Attikus. However, he’s nigh upon unplayable on any Incursion map, and suffers greatly on Outskirts and Paradise. I really wish he had some hard CC (like a stun or a knock-up… oh, yeah, :slightly_frowning_face:).

ISIC is also pretty high up on the list of “painfully difficult to use to any degree of effectiveness.” I don’t play him much, but the only time I see him do well is when his team is already stacked and capable of winning if the match was a 4v5.

I’d mention El Dragón, but I haven’t played him since his buffs so idk.


I think Pendles would be my pick. He’s so bad against a well organized team and even worse if the enemy has a good counter like Ambra, Orendi, and/or Marquis.

He’s a complete nightmare when the team is disorganized af, but that shouldn’t be the case in high level games.

Attikus: he is rly hard to use/survive… I love his dmg but i hate his only escape skill is usless to initiate and its long cd makes him rly risky.

Isic: his aoe nerf makes me sad and his 1 SEC stun is usless.

El dragon: is in a wierd spot foro me… He is not the op and he feels wierd but not trash… I need to test his recentralizador buff


Reyna. I love her, but I never have much fun playing her. She’s far from bad but there’s no reason to take her over any other support, and her kit is super clunky, and she’s probably least capable of carrying in the game. Anyone who plays solo queue Reyna has all my admiration.

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ISIC, Pendles, and maybe OM.

Oh come on! She is not that bad! If your team dosent avoid you she is better than miko in pub.

I have leaded the team with reyna, but with miko… Ppl ppl laugh of his dmg and crit your head 24/7

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Every single word EdenSophia said about Reyna here, I second.
Hope those general mass changes Gearbox is promising for her are solid.

She simply gets outclassed by other other supports atm.

Boldur, poor boldur :frowning: axe toss should crit… and the hit detection on boldurdash still smh fml rip :frowning:

I’m pretty pleased with the Dragon buff. It feels just about right to me.

ISIC… and Montana, the supposed true tanks that just can’t live up to Boldur or Galilea.

But I especially feel bad for ISIC, because he’s my favorite male in the game.

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I wish i could say Toby; but we all know that he’s a badass.


Montana is a murderbeast.


I play a decent Alani, and a friend of mine picks Isic. As a team of two we wreck people. Even had a game where they accidentally changed their wards into spinning balls of death. we had four people, they had five. Everyone on the map was 100+ CR except for one guy on their team was in the 80s. The two of us basically held the line for half the game. We ended up killing off a few of their team and pushed to second sentry on monuments. Isaac is good in the right circumstances.

El Dragon and Oscar Mike. They need their damage back. Pendles might be one but that will get fixed on the next patch when Marquis revealing owls get nerfed. He’s a beast against any type of opponents even if they have 1-2 players that can reveal him. It only takes more thinking to overcome those challenges.


i don’t like the Major buffs and nerfs they do, but a minor thing to Mike and Reyna would be cool.

I haven’t seen one of those mythical beasts in months, but I’ll never forget a single one of them.

Always there at just the right moment with a shield booster and a priority target.

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We can agree on Reyna.
Personality- good (although the Toby friendship raid seemed off)
Looks- like a savage
Gameplay (fighting-wise)- no firepower. Not really a good support. I find more use of her just helping your newbie friend but not as a team.

I just wish they made her a bit more… Powerful I guess. I mean she is like some queen/leader of the rogues

I get slightly more kills with Reyna in an average match than I do with Alani or Ambra… but I save fewer lives and, especially, kill far fewer minions. Most of my kills are because she hardly has anything useful to do support-wise between cool-downs, so I just start pretending like I’m Mellka and start hunting people down. (Using her legendary to heal people is so frustrating that I can’t bring myself to do it.)

It’s Reyna’s inability to provide meaningful wave clear - while still being no better than Alani or Ambra as a support, and arguably actually worse - that really cements her status as “always inferior.”

As far as Miko goes, at least they can heal themselves, and kunai damage is okay. They are also a dicey solo queue pick but can do a lot more without explicit communication. Reyna needs to talk to her team - “I need someone to shield”, “I’m putting down this bubble so we can push”, “I’ve got priority target on so-and-so” - to an extent that no other support has to worry about.

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Reyna is not as bad as you all make her out to be, sure she is out classed by the other supports in terms of healing, but if you pick her when a decent support is already on your team you can spec in increasing damage amp on overshield and priority target, allowing her to get some nasty damage buffs when both are used in conjunction, this also applies to the ally buffed as well. Plus with her shield you can still save teammates if they dive or the other support can’t reach them in time.

However, in terms of healing she is very lacking,the only thing she has over other supports is stopping crits and cc if you pick the mutation, also I feel like her ult needs some tweaks.

Also if you build with damage amp her plasma burst with homing is like a mini hawk eye.

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