Favorite Character You Wish Was Better?

But if you take damage amp on overshield, Reyna basically can’t heal at all. So why not take a high-damage Battleborn instead, for example Benedict, and circumvent the whole hassle of having a character who exists purely to set up takedowns?

Especially when Ambra can apply a decent damage amp through Sunspotter that is AE, has a much lower cooldown, and can never be wasted by some minion toddling along and catching the homing effect.

The key word is mini, surely. Again, just take Benedict, and you’ve got the desired outcome without relying on a vulnerable, squishy, grounded support character with no real escape to provide it. And Benedict’s also got waveclear. :confused:

I really feel that Reyna is just a bad pick (read: worse than the alternatives, not bad-bad) in any team comp. If you’re going to take someone to play that support role you’re describing, there’s a far better option: Kiiiiiid Ultra!

That said, it’s totally true that if you take the Priority Target damage amp helix, hit a target the whole team can see in lane (a Monty, Attikus, etc), and can let your entire team know - that target is totally dead. It’s very cool when that happens.

I just don’t think it’s a good enough trick to compensate for the negligible wave-clear, the negligible heals, the level of coordination needed, and the fact that the PT can often just veer off and oh my god there was a blade bot there?

Especially when Kid Ultra can slap on damage amping, healing, max hp-increasing drones while also running around with a wave-clearing bouncing homing AE piercing bleed+slow/stun and a great escape that also heals your team. I’d have been more likely to accept Reyna as some kind of useful ancillary buffer-debuffer before Ultra showed up. :cry:

Biker mom > robo sidekick

What you said is true, usually it is better to just pick another dps or support, than choosing her, but I find her style of play really entertaining, running around dodging attacks frantically looking for team mates to shield when either you or them are low on health, the satisfaction of priority targeting a healer, or a tank and the team dog pilling them before the other team can react, plus if you play back line you almost never die, granted your team mates stay in line of sight. Shes the only support I play since I find the rest to be kinda boring.

I ran into a team once that would use damage amp Reyna and stun chaining to destroy each member of my team sequentially. You would get priority targeted and before you could run gali would pull and silence into stun, and if you lived Montana would lumberjack dash you into a wall and if he missed Toby would give you a double hug. It was not fun to say the least, but it was beautiful coordination.

Plus i usually choose my characters not because they are the best but if I find their personality or style interesting, plus I find the under used outcasts endearing.

I’m totally the same, but surely that’s the point of this topic and the reason she’s mentioned so many times in the first place: “favorite character you wish was better.” :slight_smile:

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I hope she does get buffed, since in supporting terms she falls behind the rest, but if i were to pick a favorite character to buff it would be Attikus, though that may be recency bias, since he was the latest i mastered. However, without heals it is tough to snowball, so I usually sit back farm thralls and build infrastructure until he gets to around level 5. I hope he gets some sort of hard CC, or a slight increase to his speed, just so he can get in range before melting. However, his dps is amazing with tenacity and swift strikes, and hedronic ark is an amazing skill, with its wound, dot, slow with his legendary, and the choice of dmg reduction or speed buff.

I only bring out Attikus for Capture/Face Off, so I actually have nothing but good experiences with him, haha (he’s so amazing in those two modes, it almost makes up for being so subpar in Incursion. The fact he can get full stacks off Varelsi Piercers makes him a Face Off god!)

I’m sure some people would say Mellka is a candidate for this kind of discussion, but despite her shortcomings and design flaws, she’s an excellent performer. The only character I play that I’d like to see buffed is Reyna.

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I still think Whiskey isn’t quite good enough. I think his ult should also set people on Fire. But in the bad not cool “I’m on fire!” way but in the “AAAGHHH!!!” way.

Though if we’re serious, Mikey needs some serious help. At launch people didn’t see a reason to pick WF over him (Mistakenly, but it was the case) but now it’s the opposite.


I’ve never been good with melka, wanted to for the longest time, since my brother mained her for a while and made her seem, not only unstoppable, but also a helluva alot of fun to play. Too bad he doesn’t play her as much, he started to pick up different characters, and was disheartened at her hp nerf, although he says its justified. he hopes her hp is slightly buffed or her movement speed increases slightly, that and for some of her helix choices to atleast have viable alternatives.

I actually resented her accuracy nerf more than her health nerf. I suspect that the devs didn’t have console players in mind when they hotfixed her.

My biggest issue with her health is just that it’s unfair. I don’t mind having subpar health - but I don’t see why Thorn, for example, gets to have so much more. Or why Mell is so flimsy compared to all other assassin-types in the game. She already sacrifices offensive potential to be the most mobile assassin, so it’s pretty unfair to give her by far the lowest health of all assassins on top of that. Especially when Caldy is allowed to get away with being both ultra mobile and having an average health/shield pool.

But her wave-clear is super underrated and she’s a killing machine, so I just deal :stuck_out_tongue:


OM is in a sore need of a buff, his only saving grace is his ult, and his potential for back dooring. I feel like his aoe needs to be buffed, since now he cant reliably clear wave or push effectively.

WF needs a buff as well, since all other back line ranged characters out preform him. However, its fun to melt tanks with him, with swiss cheese, triple slow to ult. The fire effect would be cool on his ult.

My brother didn’t mind the accuracy nerf as much since he jams the barrel of the gun into the opponent’s head before firing, then spikes to get over head crits. He also was kinda bummed when they changed her venom mechanics. He also agrees that it is unfair that her health pool is so low when compared to the likes of thorn and caldy, although he mained caldy before melka.

Well, yeah. That’s how any half-decent Mellka has to play with that crazy-spraying gun of hers, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the accuracy nerf made it frustrating to kill shepherds/thralls/runners, and there’s just no reason for it.

I didn’t mean that he’s bad, but the current meta has pushed him out for the most part. Especially on Incursion.

Ambra. She’s got her life steal beam but other than that… she’s pretty much useless. She can’t fight back at all, which is disappointing.

id say pendal , and orinde

There good, but they could have a lot more

I would say Attikus too. I’ve only played him a few times but I found him very fun in Meltdown. It’s just a shame that he can’t do much without a good support in incursion (only played him once on Echelon to do his lore and I luckily had an Alani). Although if he gets to late game, he can do nasty things with tenacity and swift strikes along with hedronic arc. Also, I feel like they should have kept his knock up ult rather than replace it with a slow.
Other than Attikus, I would agree on Mellka but I feel like you can play around her nerfs. I do think Mell’s health is a bit on the low side compared to other characters, although you can kind of bypass this with her lvl 5 right helix and by stacking max health gear. Besides, with her mobility, she’s really hard to shoot anyway which is why I love playing her. As for the accuracy nerf, I play an aggressive Mellka so I just dive in there and then use claw lunge to escape when I’m in trouble, so most of the time I’m on top of people when I’m shooting them so I’m not too upset about this. :wink:

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Compared to many characters right now, I can think of a ton of others that need buffs far more direly than Ambra. I will say this - since the patch she is definitely not OP anymore. And she can’t carry teams anymore.

Maybe they can improve her healing capability slightly.

OM to me is one decent buff to his pea shooter away from being a “meta pick”. Honestly, I think they should just increase his grenade aoe again to re-assert his top tier in wave clear

OM should imo idealy be a wave clearer/pusher/ganker and excel at that. If they increase his gun damage, it will change his role. They should revert his old solid wave clear role but still leave him with his pea shooter.

Additionally OM has imo one of the best and most game changing ULTs out there.

Whiskey…I think Whiskey is fine but I wish that somehow they magically bumped down his lvl 4, 5, and 6 helixes down to 3, 4, and 5 respectively. Maybe build in swiss cheese or the slow straight into his normal passive abilities.

Whiskey to me is top tier when the group of people in an incursion game is between 5 -8 and then maybe slightly trails off once the 9/10 end game hits…but still holds his own at 9 and 10 as a very solid mid tier (as opposed to low tier). Great single burst, great wave clear, lots of cc choices in his kit, and imo great survival with KR and a solid purple or blue health regen. And speaking of his ult…I have done some very interesting and unique things both to sentries and in massive/single firefights when choosing 100% shield pen at 10.

He just has an (effective) answer for everything that gets thrown his way from 6 on. Kind of like a swiss army knife

But he is one of the worst until he gets to 4 (and debatablely, 5).

EDIT - i will say that I love how gearbox created and fine-nuanced the playstyle differences beteeen whskey and OM.


I find that Whiskey needs to be dangerously aggressive in this phase of his game, he’s got one of the best and earliest available wounds in the game, so if his team can seize mid map control by eliminating or limiting the effectiveness of the opposing support(s) via that wound he can get the steady exp flow he needs to hit those levels by helping clear waves at the choke point once it’s been established.

The trick is that he doesn’t have an easy escape option, but rather some high skill requirement ones (slow + quick melee or knockback scraps), so he can’t be doing this alone, he needs a tanky character right alongside him drawing fire and CCs. If done right, though, Whiskey’s early game can be rather comfortable, you keep scrap cannon off cooldown and watch for a healer to show their face while you plant your sticky in the middle of the wave and get assists. He absolutely loves Echelon for its easy access healing station and for how strong the choke point is once established.

More on topic, I’d really like to be able to play Pendles again. The Marquis owls nerf will be nice but is more a matter of treating the symptom rather than the disease. It’s not going to stop teams from easily layering shorter range area reveals (via Orendi or Ambra, for instance) and preventing him from approaching the lane. It’s only going to get worse with the Winter Update, as now teams will be able to plan against a Pendles starting from the character select screen.

I still maintain that the actual fix is simple - all he needs is for Smoke Bomb to give him a short immunity to reveal effects (no more than 3 seconds, or even just 2). Does not stop the opposition for punishing him on a bad initiation because he will be forced to blow his escape too early to accomplish anything effective, but allows him to complete properly planned initiate > escape attack runs like he was designed to do without coming up short and dying every single time.

Atty too. He’s fantastic against any new players but if you hit the wrong comp (whiskey, Montana, Isac, Ern, most ranged lol) you utterly melt. I love playing him but you are totally at the mercy of your opposition. My best streak is with him but also are my worst games. Also they want you to engage with pounce but it’s utter suicide to do so and it’s slow cooldown means you spend too long idle/useless.

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