Favorite Character You Wish Was Better?

I wish Whiskey Foxtrot could fly, so he could kick Benedict’s ass even HARDER! See if you can dodge my burst rifle when we’re at the same level!


I would like to see Attikus buffed/changed, he deals a lot of damage later into the game but overall I think he’s rather lackluster.

Melka, she would be one of my fav. battleborn if she was a little bit stronger. I would really like to see her combination of melee + poison work out!

Deande, she’s far from beeing weak and I wouldn’t say she should be “better” but I would like to see her ult beeing changed.

and LoL@ the guy who seriously wants Orendi to be stronger…

T---- uh… not Toby.
Definitely not Toby.
Uh… uh… Kid Ultra???
Yeah. That one.
I’m generally pretty good as a support but I just can’t figure him out.


Primarily El Dragon and Kelvin and to a lesser extent Alani.

El Dragon primarily just needs more survivability, which he’ll seem to get in the upcoming update. Also wouldn’t mind for his ultimate 1 second stun to be converted into a heavy aslow which lasts for a few seconds.

Kelvin is just somewhat lackluster, primarily due to his helix options being boring and not of great help most of the time. He’s a character which is underwhelming to play alone (regardless of whether you’re in a pre-made or not), but when your team picks a Miko and Kleese to back him up he’s close to unkillable. So I’m not sure about his power levels, he’s arguably one of the most team-centric characters. But making his helix options interesting and dynamic is certainly something I’d like to see in one form or another.
Me and an old friend were talking about him a while ago about how awesome it would be if his ultimate was a frost breath dealing damage whilst simultaneously heavily slowing them over a few seconds.

Alani to me mostly just got screwed over when they removed the increased osmosis generation effect and moved the increased 20% attack speed to level 7. At the moment I just feel like a horrible healer when playong Alani, Reyna’s healing and shielding are after all guaranteed at a good amount and Miko is highly reliable. But Alani? Nah…
Few things can be as disheartening being in a team of people you don’t know, you recognise that people are in danger and need healing, but you don’t have enough stacks to get them and is in no position to get more of them. Or at least at a fast rate.

This may be controversial, but the character I wish was better is Battle Miko. My first love in Battleborn was Miko and if I’m going to wish like Skee-Lo…

I wish if you went Battle Miko you could trade Miko’s love gun for an attack similar to Kleese’s Taser and Ambra’s life drain. This attack would do about the same damage as Ambra’s life drain but instead of draining life it would stack a debuff on the enemy. That debuff would then restore health to nearby allies upon the enemy’s death similar to Maya’s Sweet Release from Borderlands 2 but based on the number of stacks applied by Miko instead of the recipient’s health. It would also be pretty fly if when you used Biosythesis that attack did extra damage and stacked the debuff faster. Make me say my, my, my…

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sounds like you wish miko was just designed differently…as opposed to made “better”.

i must say though…sweet release mechanic applied to this game would be pretty damn cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you on that

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I’d wish that “combat” tag they have, as the only character in the game, actually meant something :stuck_out_tongue:


Mister, I was BORN combat!


thats what helix choices are for, bro! id love to be able to helix more into attack miko so i could feel better while slowly learning his healing.

Not necessarily my favorite, but I still quite like that little shard-ball, Kelvin.

I main find he’s pretty lackluster on his own if he doesn’t get to sit down and farm creeps for 10 minutes. I’d love it if there were an alternative way to build up his tankiness if the HP scale wasn’t an option, or not desired.