Favorite Chests for Event?

So I was going to mostly ignore this event and continue on through my first TVHM playthrough… And thennnn… Haha, I had to come back to Reliance for that rock collecting mission and I saw that that chest in the Lube shop was closed, so I opened it, BOOM, 3 pretty decent legendaries. Okay so I reloaded, got 3 class mods next, reloaded, some more cool annointed legendaries. Switched it to Mayhem 4 and continued for about 15 minutes, each about a minute a piece which is 95% loading screen, haha. My whole Zane setup has completely transformed, I can actually kill stuff much faster now haha.

Anyways, this is great and fast as hell. Anyone else have a chest they like for the event? I don’t play much, like I said this is my first TVHM playthrough so being decked out in legendaries is new to me and I’d be interested in finding new places to farm :slight_smile: Cheers!

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I farmed Borman Nates for a couple hours last night, more often than not I got 3-4 legendaries per run. I also got a Cutsman from Borman, finally!!! In my estimation it’s the easiest to run and you have the added benefit of nuking Borman along the way. It’s on Promethia, Meridian Outskirts.

The fastest chests (near fast travel) I have found are:

2 in The Droughts (1 from the Markus quest where you get a human spine, the other on Ellie’s garage roof).
1 in Carnivora (if you go to guts of carnivora and change maps using the transition, not fast travel, then drive to it in the large map area)
1 in Konrad’s Hold (if you did the quest there at the end with Angel’s memories). Go to sandblast scar and transition to KH, shoot the target to open the door and open the chest).

And finally the one you found tridentrpg, on Eden 6 in Floodmoor basin at Reliance.

I looked through the rest of the maps and they’re a bit further to get to for multihunter/save farming. However! It’s a lot of fun to just look at the interactive maps and identify all the named enemies (bosses, zero, legendary hunts, rare spawns, etc) and farm them while chasing chests as well.

Maps: https://mapgenie.io/borderlands-3

Jackbot to me has been the easiest. Quick boss fight and 2 red chests, reload.

Question for you guys… your red chests “replenish” on reload? Mine are on a timer.

Must have story finished for that char, if DLC, DLC must be completed from what I know.

that happens while playing in normal mode, you have to be playing in tvhm

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AH! So finally another distinction between NM and TVHM.


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This one will always be shields, pistols, grenades, artifacts, or coms.

Im not so sure about that unless i have a glitch. I actually just started a thread regarding this specifically. I farmed traunt last night and this morning on my fl4k and continuously opened the red chest after him without any problems.

I just started farming him on my zane about an hour or 2 ago and the chest will only reset about every other run.

I did this with both characters on normal M4 :confused:

I’m seeing that. But I like coms and artifacts a lot, so not a loss for me.

Others mileage may vary.

Oh, this was meant as a PLUS. Lol

I’m literally farming it for pistols and nades

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