Favorite CoM to use on Lilith?

I am just curious with the remastered out. I am sure most people are going to say Mercenary. When leveling up I prefer Catalyst. At end game I normally run Firefly or Specialist, professional is awesome to butI have a certain gear load out that I want to use.

Plaguebearer, but that was before Mordi got my Serpens. Outside Knoxx’s DLC I run Firefly with a Draco stil, however.
I do use a Merc COM too, but that one is to give the Hammer shotgun more oomph.

I rotate them out depending on what I’m doing and what loadout I like. For stiff fights, I’ll usually run a Catalyst, but “normal” mobbing in the wasteland, I’ll pick any other one.

I don’t think I have any of her loyalty COMs, and I just found a Specter.

I’m honestly only getting results playing a Mercenary COM (and a Plague for the Lance riddled areas since I got both the Defiler and the Plague-Crux), switching the mat2 and 3 version depending when I need to splat people with my Double SMG (can’t find a x2 Stinger sadly) and a weaker Double Anarchy or when I take advantage of my Incendiary Savior and get as much dot as possible (also my Shock SMG is with good acc + zoom so I use it for mid range purposes)
I can’t get around Tempest because I don’t like its boosts, still haven’t found a good Firefly and the others are just meh for me since I don’t Phasewalk much to begin with/Blackout is enough for more Phasewalk purposes (and tbh before the GOTY I liked Lilith a lot but I played the game a lot of years ago and now I find her Phasewalk a shittier Decepti0n; shoulda went for Morty, but w/e)
I’m only at Knoxx on Playthrough 2, and haven’t found any other COM except for a (green, rip) Specter, so idk how far will this COM will carry me, but until now Merc gave me the best results and the Double Anarchies are the most powerful weapons I got in terms of DPS

i got extremely lucky on lilith around level 3, at starter fyrestone base looting trash/bone piles got a level 16 epic class mod. i equip’d it at level 16, before i completed quest that awarded a blue class mod. from that point on lilith was like on near god mode 1st play thru and 2nd play thru
+40 SMG dmg
+2 to three skill talents
+5 SMG ammo regen
still using it at level 69, mostly for the ammo regen, even though i have other epic mods in bank offering higher SMG dmg

now vended, i got a tediore malovent stinger SMG with 5 bonuses at level 47, carried me to 69 also. showed low damage, but with all the bonuses it was like a SMG sniper rifle, accurate, higher fire rate, 48 rounds (i think), stabile, +damage. this SMG was like the Rightsizing Bitch SMG in BL2, maybe even better

i have played BL2, something like the above would never carry players like BL1 gear does. even at 69, took forever to get SMGs even close to on par with the level 47 SMG, but i needed more damage, and really lost alot. was not happy with a level 67 legendary SMG so a stuffed it in bank.

Merc all the way. If I need corrosive help I usually have a corrosive SMG stashed away.
At lvl 64 (current) my siren’s Merc comm adds 60% damage and +4/+3 skills boosts, with +23 ammo regen. She’s also at 51 smg proficiency.
So massive damage, near-instant reloads, fast enough ammo regen to be near-infinite ammo. What’s not to like?


Merc 100% of the way.

I wear a level 55 Perfect Merc that I got from the Treasure Room in Tartarus.

It is 60% SMG Damage, 3/4/3, with +29 SMG Ammo Regen.

I kill Level 72 2.5 Craw fast, and often.

He has dropped me 3 other perfect Merc Regen Mods.

I have at least two of them still, stashed away in the bank.

I can give you one if you’d like.

+29 is much better than +23.

(I was ((gratefully, for a long time)) stuck with a meager +18)

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I appreciate the offer, but I never co-op (even to trade) so I’ll stick with +23 until I find something new. I can always switch to my down slot and use my Savior with an additional +24 and ammo is regening faster than I can fire :slight_smile:


I do not co-op, either.

I get what you are saying.

I don’t take handouts either, and not just for fear of dupers (I am not one, but that’s just my word, after all, eh?), but as an odd sort of pride.

Go to the Tartarus Trove, ad nauseum.

You’ll get one.

It makes mobbing a lot easier.

I got my 233 Steel Anarchy there, too.

I was running a 211 with far more scope and a 82 clip, but I vastly prefer my current one.


My Down Slot IS my Anarchy, lol.

Left is my Crux.

Right is my Hellfire.

Up is my Orion.

Cool, the arrangement I listed was just for the Underdome.

My typical Lilith load is;
Up - Sniper. Usually a Volcano (like the splash damage), different for some enemies.
Left - Hellfire
Right - Usually a special-purpose pistol
Down - Anarchy
Shield - Anything with high capacity. No healing, phase walk does that
Comm - Merc, as we’ve been discussing. Ammo regen
Grendade - transfusion
Artifact - Usually shock, will modify for circumstances.

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Mercenary COM w/ SMG Ammo Regeneration most of the time.


I love high capacity Pag Shields, with fast recharge.

My current best is something like 2875 with 375 or so.

I have a 3275 or so Ironclad, but it has only 315 or so recharge.

The trade off on the purple is better for how I play.

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