Favorite faction?

Mine is the UPR. Guns, gats and grenades are my favorite. I like everyone about the same amount except Galilea. Great lore and concept, but her CC is just too much for me… can’t play her without feeling guilty.

Share some builds! Discuss lore! Who is the funniest?

I like to take the “Hidden Charger” legendary on Ghalt to combine with Barrier. It reduces shield recharge delay by a second when you reload, and it has max shield strength on the side as a bonus (used to be -shield recharge delay as a secondary effect before Winter Update). And I take Easy Target over the cooldown at level 9 since both skills have similar cooldown now. Here’s a build link: http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-ghalt/?rows=-1,1,-1,1,1,-1,-1,-1,1,0,

Oscar Mike can be built like 4 different ways so I won’t even bother with a build link, considering I have multiple.

I like to play Ernest defensively. Hope that atk speed on his power egg gets nerfed slightly and his dmg reduction buffed. Or just an atk speed nerf. Link: http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-ernest/?rows=1,-1,0,1,1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,

At level 6 it’s a tough choice, but I have to compensate for lack of shield/pulse dmg at level 8. The slow is pretty useful for melee characters that try to invade, and plus, the concussive charge choices I took help keep them off my teammates. For gear, I bring attack speed/reload speed, max health (since dmg reduction is apparently only useful with 3333+ health), and health regen or cooldown time.


I have an experimental build for him, found here: http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-benedict/?rows=0,-1,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,

Yes, some of these options are terrible. But that’s kinda the point. Don’t take this seriously, I just came up with this a minute ago. Hawkeye is not my main skill in this unlike most Benny builds, instead it’s Liftoff and Divebomb. I take the Hidden Charger and the Comeback King (shield explodes for 140 dmg after a full charge) for gear, plus a shard gen I suppose. I use Liftoff, divebomb in, and blast rockets at their face from point blank range. My close-ness should allow the Comeback king to work, and the Hidden Charger will help reduce shield recharge delay and such, letting my shield get back up faster, which lets the Comeback King proc again… yeah. Then I use Liftoff to regenerate shields (if you want to take a shield recharge gear instead of a shard generator you won’t need that helix) and the cycle begins anew. Danger Close ensures every rocket hits, and activating Hawkeye resets my mag so I can spam rockets EVEN MORE. And Blastoff is there for a small damage boost, I won’t need the other one since I’m only using Hawkeye to reload.

Now I’m kinda excited to go home and try that out. I’ll fail miserably, no doubt. But there’s no point in not trying!

LLC has to be my favorite. I like the Rogues as a faction but I like how the LLC characters play. My first “master of” title was Isic and I later went on to master Kleese.

I build my Kleese to be a wrecking ball with a high damage mortar build and I always take the 2 for 1 taser helix and amp my energy up by 10 just in case any one tries to get close.

Definitely Rogue

Shane, Pendles, Whiskey and Oriendi can take out the entire universe.

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Jennerit all the way!
Then second favourite… maybe Rogue (cuz I do love Shayne and even Reyna)

I just happened to like more Jennerit characters than I did any other faction. My first fave character was Ambra, then Deande… but now Beatrix trumps them both for me. :revolving_hearts:

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~eyeballs profile pic~

Clearly I prefer the Rogues.

I just have an affinity for Kid Ultra, Marquis, Kleese, Phoebe, Isic and . . . the other one. In that order. The dots just go to show how far down the line of consideration I really place . . . the other one.

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Tie between UPR, LLC, and Jennerit since all three of my mains are in those factions.

LLC all the way though.

Eldrid for sure.

Miko was my first favorite (cuz in other games I usually play healer or support, not dps,) though obviously Melka had been at the recent forefront until just recently.

As far as favorite character though … gotta go with Ambra. Not so much the rest of the Jennerit faction, but she’s a support I can do stuff with, and I just love her lines, especially the one about tucking shirts in.

It has to be the Jennerit for me.

I just love everything about them. The lore behind their faction interests me, especially Sustainment and their immortality. I like the style and personality of most of the characters too. The Jennerit are such perfectionists too, it kind of reminds me of myself, (seriously, I will not rest until I’m satisfied with whatever it is I’m doing).

That, and I main Deande. :heart:

If I was to choose another faction though, it would be the Rouges because of Shurox and Orendi. Love those guys too, (just not as much). :wink:

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LLC. Why? Because with Marquis, El Dragon and ISIC they have some of the most hilarious characters in the game. I love robots and high tech things and I also love the steampunkish elements in their design. The backstory with the Magna Carta is also really cool. I love how selfish they are, I mean everything is dying in the universe and they still make profit from their minions. xD Their colour palette of white, blue and golden fits them so well. They can kill you with math, they are helping 24/7, they make murder parties and literally everyone is invited! They have butlers who try to kill their masters, they rip each other’s arms off, they are working on algorithms that will end the universe! They have class and are maniacs at the same time. Seriously, how can a faction like that not be completely and utterly amazing? Oh and lastly, but most importantly, they have the sweetest faction logo that was EVER created. Don’t you dare deny that! Science triumphs!

  • Eldrid
  • Jennerit
  • Last Light Consortium
  • Rogues
  • United Peacekeeping Republic

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Hello? Can you say “Jennerit”?
Jennerit always
The sound is nice
Jennerit forever
Any Deed any Price.

Seriously though…Jennerit.
All of my mains are there except for one, which happens to be on my most hated faction. For those that play with me, you know who it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything about the Jennerit speaks to the deepest trenches of my soul. I honestly love the faction as a whole. I can go on and on about Team Jennerit forever


I really like characters from all factions, but I’d rank mine…


More accurately I like more characters from each faction in that order. The rogues really only have Shane for me.

No man, this is fine. I originally meant to put a poll in my post but I ran out of time. Thanks.

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I always preferred Jennerit overall but not necessarily for my favorite heroes. I think that all their heroes are good whereas other factions have some bums I don’t care for.


I use all these where some factions I just don’t care for a few of the heroes.

Jennerit for me then probably Rogues next.

From favourite to least favourite

Jennerit: This faction has most of my favourite characters and the lore behind the faction is extensive and awsome. i love the imperialistic Art style and the Keepers are one of my favourite groups from the lore.

Rogues: I like the idea of a group of pirates and assassins hiding out in the asteroid belt just minding their own business. Also I like how the rogues focus on Scroungin up tech/weapons to keep themselves alive.

LLC: Not a huge fan of the LLC. To me just seems like your generic big corporate faction that is facinated with robots

Eldrid: I love the Eldrid’s design, but im not a fan of most of their characters.

UPR: To me, this faction just seems like your everyday group of soldiers. Except for a few like Galilea they are all more or less just versions of modern day soldiers.