Favorite Glitches?

Mine are the overload and amp glitches, because I main Athena and Wilhelm, and they both have premature shield regen. Nisha wouldn’t be bad with these either since she also has premature shield regen.

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Yeah blue and yellow are basically THE glitches for non-snipers, Almost every character has the opportunity to combat regen their shield. I also really like the green glitch on splitters, so. many. bullets.

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There are different colours of glitches?

Are you guys referring to glitched guns?

He mentioned shield regen, so I assume that’s what he meant by amp glitch

You mentioned the green glitch on splitters.

What did you mean?

I get what you mean now, I found the guide that had been made!

Yeah, so, I guess I misjudged the yellow (Loop) glitch. I never expected the free shot chance to be so high, and also, it actually does not continue firing until the magazine is empty. I haven’t tested with other gun types yet, but I think the number of loop shots depends on the gun type. Or maybe the number of loop shots is constant.

Gotta love it when a SMG decides to handle like a sniper rifle for one full clip. Combining that with Athena’s skill that highly increases mag size and reload speed.

You can cancel with Melee