Favorite Grenade?

Hey all what is your favorite grenade to use as of DLC2? Not worried about anointment just what grenade you like or think is the best.

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Still love the cloning maddening tracker. Wishing I could get a level 57 vindicator ghast call, as they’re awesome (hopefully they’ll come back at some point).
Not seen any new grenades in this DLC. Were there any?

There is none in the DLC was more meaning with all the hot patches.

Should mention my favorite is a spring epicenter.

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the piss
but currently i cant use it because i need tracker grenades for sustain

Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair

Will be back with Halloween event.

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Cryo Recurring Hex works well for me.

I have a rain Porceiain Pipe Bomb, level 50, that still decimates enemies at level 57. From the wiki:

The Porcelain Pipe Bomb was previously glitched and could be used to instantly kill large enemies by landing the grenade underneath or inside of them. This has been fixed by hotfixes since a few weeks after release but can still be done with an unpatched copy of the game in offline mode.

While the patched version may not insta-kill big enemies, it still wrecks if not outright kills them (and it’s incredibly satisfying to get all those little pops to fire under the target, so they actually eat all the damage). I had a MIRV, Mini-MIRV, Nuke grenade that didn’t throw as much damage, but it looks better when you nail it beneath an enemy because the Nuke animations all pile on each other at different angles.

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I love my sticky quasar. Since grenade don’t do incredible damage, I love the added crown control

I seriously carry like 5 grenades and swap out based on ASE element to complement my shield. I’ve lucked out and nabbed a Hunter-Seeker with ASE +1 grenade which has come in quite handy.

Right, grenades are typically used to proc and not for damage. I wonder if anyone else is seeing what I’ve been seeing recently though. I was farming the Power Troopers on Mayhem 4 last night and noticed that my Recurring Hex grenades were just eating them up. I decided to try killing them with just the grenades and I was able to do it easily. All 5 of them dead without me firing a single shot. This was easily repeated every time. Has anyone else noticed this recently or is it something with my build? This is on a level 57 Amara with a TTB Phasegrasp build.

I still use almost exclusively use the ghast call despite it being under leveled. Even with lower level characters I’ve used level 26 versions until I reach level 50 and found they were more beneficial than others at higher levels.