Favorite gun manufacturers?

Wondering what everyones favorite manufacturers are in the game overall? For me I think the favorite is Vladoff. Great pistols, Rocket Launchers, Snipers, and even decent ARs although I never use them because they feel inferior to other gun types.

Honorable mention is Jakob’s (specifically for Zero since he is my favorite character). Hyperion because I lovvveeeee their shotguns more than any other specific manufacturer to gun type.

Pangolin, I like the turtle shields, and the unique items from that brand.

Also Bandit, love how I practically don’t reload pistols (specially with Krieg), the belt-fed riffles look really cool and the rocket launchers are really good at second winds

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Overall it’s Maliwan since they’re my go to for snipers and SMGs.

Same here. The Heartbreaker and Conference Call are my two favorite shotguns in the game.

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Overall, probably Maliwan.

Watch this:
shield: Antagonist
COM: Legendary Siren
grenade mod: Magic Missile x 4
relic: Maliwan Allegiance
Grog Nozzle, Pimpernel, Hellfire, Good Touch, Bad Touch, plasma casters, Thunderball Fists

Good to go.




Torgue for sure

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Jakobs and Torgue.

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Pistols: Vladov / Hyperion
SMG’s: Maliwan / Hyperion
Shotguns: Hyperion / TORGUE!!!
Snipers: Vladov / Maliwan
Launchers: Vladov / TORGUE!!!

Too bad there’s not a legendary Vladov SMG and a Torgue sniper rifle :smile:

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Hyperion. The butcher and the Bitch are just too good. Their snipers (apart from the Invader) suck, though

Tediore. Dahl and Bandit are close second and third.

The Cobra is basically a Torgue sniper rifle ( EXPLOSIONS! ) … Don’t pay that ole’ Jakobs logo no nevermind. :wink:

My fav sniper rifle that isn’t a Pimp.

Cool… I didn’t know that. What I do know is I’ll probably never see one… I can’t even get a Lyuda FFS :unamused:

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Lyuda is a pain and Cobra is even more of a pain to get. If you are on PS3, I could help you out.
If not, I keep my fingers crossed for your good fortune!

Lyuda is a pain? Huh?

Lyuda/White Death is eeeaaaasssssyyyyy.

Hyperion and Jakob’s tied, runner-ups are maliwan and Vladof with an honorable mention to Torgue.

Got a weakness for Hyperion since TPS and Maliwan has been an all time favorite.
Jakobs deserve an honorable mention. I am pretty bad with them but they are fun to use.

I am quite confused at the Lyuda/White Death rarity comments myself. Never had an issue with them even before the hotfix :confused: (mainly due to Tubby farming there)
Even got one on my first kill today.


I haven’t got the Lyuda yet because the Dust is still low level-locked in TVHM for me. I’m way over-leveled for that map and stuff just doesn’t fall there at such a big offset. It’s only a temporary problem, but I still hope to see one drop from some other source.