Favorite Gun (regardless of damage)

Mine is - Breath of the Dying. I love everything about how it shoots, its explosion, and splash it makes. Granted, I can never use it on anything above M2 or M3 maybe, but it’s just a sweet weapon. How cool would it be in all the elements instead of corrosive?


King/queens call the critical hit sounds are so satisfying!


I’d say it is a toss up of the Soulrender and the Redistributor.

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Soulrender, nice, I think I may still have one of those

OPQ. I loved the Q systems in early game and this OP version is a bosskiller.


devastator :frowning:

BOTD does work at M10 but you do need to build/gear towards it

anyway mine’s the Reflux because before then Gearbox hadn’t made a good corrosive shotgun since the Plague/Crux in BL1 and then the Reflux came and it’s ■■■■■■■ godly despite being a lazy Brainstormer ripoff


Star helix. I got it as a world drop in athenas during my first playthrough and i love it. Still my favorite until now and wishing a little buff on it is made.


Wedding Invitation


Man, why you gotta do this to me?

I gotta say Night Hawkin. I got one at level 45 on my first playthrough and it was the first gun I LOVED in this game.


Love the Star helix and it was the gun that carried me through the end of my first play through.

The Flipper.

I know… I know.

I play Moze.

Sue me.

Besides the Flipper, the Light Show.

Because Double Anarchy redux.


Nopewpew x3 version with crit part.


Robin’s call! Apart from the annoying sound when bullets are refunded, it is simple and effective. I usually don’t like sparkly and flashy stuff.
It reminds me of Doom’s shotgun (the 1991 one :grinning:) and Dinner bell from Fallout NV.
By extension Hellwalker is on par, same reasons.

The Shredifier! I love its simplicity, its skin and parts, and the sound that it makes.

“Haha, Shredifier go brrr”


Wise choice Sir. Jakobs weapons are always a nice choice (as I’m a Jakobs fan myself). Hellwalker is actually a direct reference to the Doom games. Also the sounds it makes when you fire it. And the red text…

I know. Have you tried equipping it from the ground by holding the pickup key? It plays the whole guitar riff, awesome!

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You also mentioned Fallout NV. The Companion seems really similar to the one that the NCR Ranger is holding on the title screen. At least that was my first thought when I saw The Companion for the first time.

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Purple gun gang where you at?

Protuberance. Too bad it’s so outdated now.

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