Favorite heavy weapons

Borderlands has had issues with the selection of heavy weapons, and in a number of playthroughs I have ignored them. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been collecting and testing a number of these heavies. For Moze, splash is important, and for me, I appreciate the more direct shooting weapons, with a bit of exception for the Hive. Here is what I have found I like and works well for me. Any other suggestions?

The Jericho with its alternative fire mode might be up your alley. Doesn’t fire directly per say, but it is pretty devastating.

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If you have the DLC, the obvious weapon to try is the Ion Cannon. It’s basically a rocket sniper. With overkill damage, any vault hunter can hit over a million with it without crit swapping. With Fl4k I’ve hit up to 12 million in mobbing situations using 3 shot fade away.

Another DLC launcher that is worth checking out is the Nukem. Its huge radius makes it amazing for mobbing, arguably better than the Ion Cannon. The trick is, again, overkill damage. With a good anointment (+splash damage) and 3 shot fade away, it is possible to one shot a whole group of COV, sometimes including badasses. I haven’t found a Moze build I like it with, though, since I haven’t found one with a good anointment and a larger magazine to take advantage of the Blast Master COM. I think with a mag size of 3, and +magazine on class mod and/or relic it would be manageable though. One could probably make it work with a deathless/desperate measures build too.

The creamer might have potential too, and has the benefit of healing the user. I haven’t farmed for a good one yet, though.

If you don’t have the DLC, the Freeman is pretty fun. It isn’t nearly as good as the Ion Cannon, but it is fun to use and can one shot badasses with the right set up. One caveat though - I’ve not managed to find an anointed one. It drops from the Warden in the Anvil, and the other dedicated drop there, the Linc, supposedly can’t spawn with an anointment. It is possible this weapon falls under that category.

tldr; Check out the Ion Cannon and Nukem if you have the dlc. The Creamer look like it has some potential. The Freeman gets an honorable mention.


Here is my new favorite in action.

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I have tried the Jericho, but did not like its area affect, maybe I did not try the alternative fire mode. Will look and try! Thanks.

Good luck! Perhaps you will like its mortar mode more.

That is interesting. I do like the Jericho mortar mode. But I am reminded why the Jericho is not part of my normal weapon core list…unlike the Scourge and the others I listed, Moze’s ammo regen is not working for the Jericho–it must be tied to some parameter that I do not understand. I thought splash damage was leading to ammo regen with my current build… the Jericho should be creating more splash.

I like seeing the Hive in action…but I don’t use any heavy weapons regularly.

COV unfortunately has zero Legendary launchers at the moments (they’d be a shoe-in for the Badaboom to return) but they have two good purple types called the Shreda and Chucka that are insanely good. Shreda fires homing buzzsaws while the Chucka is essentially a flame/chemical thrower and both can come in all elements. They do good work on every Vault Hunter but Zane’s Digi-Clone is nuts with them. Having them able to hold your entire Heavy ammo capacity without reloading gives them a pretty huge advantage overall too.

I loved the BL2 Badaboom! Great ammo capacity, relatively quick. I have tried the Chucka – it seemed lower range for me with my normal use of launchers.

I gotta find the Shreda! I am a big fan of the Torgue Boring shotgun. Just gotta be careful in enclosed areas – those explosive circular saws can come back and bite you!

Loved the Creamer in BL2 and still love it in BL3 with Nukem a close second.