Favorite helix choice(s)?

As the title says, what are some of your favorite helix/mutation choices? It can be because they are game changing for you, they add cool animations, or they are just plain fun to use (like dragón’s bicycle kick). Heck the reason could even be that you find it hard to play against. Just thought this would be a fun discussion. Here are some of my favorites:

WALLHAX.EXE: Now I know this is a level 10 choice, but it is a great way for Marquis to give you a numbers advantage for your last attempt at a sentry push. And it’s just a ton of fun to use!

The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle: Not only is this the best named helix in the whole game, but it’s also incredibly strong

Pandemic: Every time I play Miko I’m just waiting for level 5 so I can wave clear with the best of them

Blade Sweep: This one is a favorite for multiple reasons. It makes true strike much more effective AND it looks awesome and fluid. I think this is the only attack phoebe has where she ACTUALLY uses all those swords. I remember being really disappointed when I first played Phoebe that she only used the one sword so unlocking this one made me so happy. Been using it ever since

Cobra Strike: this one is an honorable mention as it is pivotal to how I play Pendles. Without it, I would lose a lot of the outplay potential I have with him

So thats probably my top 5. What are some of your alls favorites?


Toby: Self destruct sequence; because, since i watched Mad Max: Fury Road, i like anything that gives me a suicide scenario where i can yell “WITNESS ME!!” I even bought some silver spray to use!

Orendi: Mind bullets; because i’m not great at close range with Orendi’s bolts, aim-wise.

Whiskey Foxtrot: The sticky grenade napalm one (which i like to call “nade-palm”); because it makes sticky grenade go from “meh” to “mmm”.


Mikos heal thyself for being an amazing helix no one ever questions.
El Dragon’s clap is so creative for a helix.
Orendi 4 and 5. Beautiful
Reynas priority target death instant cooldown for being amazing

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Self destruct helixes are actually viable now, 500 damage is crazy, as for a personal favorites I would say it’s raining death (while the rockets may need a small buff, the wave clear is even better and the extra damage is worthwhile) and big payback (all that damage taken by everyone thing to kill you, and then hearing that charging sound, and then they are dead)


Loving the toby/mad max reference lmao i do that too and after I successfully kamikaze somebody I message them that valhalla awaits me/him Lol


Exactly; though i would like to point out that Toby’s self destruct sequence actually does more than the listed 500 damage (it ends up being 720 at lvl. 10, i believe), unless Gearbox changed that since the last time i looked (around a month ago).

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Yep; shiny and chrome :slight_smile:

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I just wished it did an actual explosion with a clear radius

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Yeah, that would be nice; but i’ll take the fact that the explosion is instantaneous, as it makes it all but impossible to avoid with melee; just get in thier face when thier health is low, and qoute ISIC:

“Bring it on! I ■■■■■■■ dare you.”

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Ambra is probably the most unique character for me, her helix choices can change her playstyle during the match the most. You can go from melee to shooting fireballs, or from solar wind to breaking the ground with the staff.

I love most of her helixes, everytime you lvl up, you know you will get something special for her.


Isic’s reflecting watds, it’s leads to the most hilarious kills.

Orendi’s pillar storm because chaos.

Deande’s calculated risked which is really underated (not among Deande players).

Alani’s 20% attack speed boost simply because it feels amazing.

My top favorites are Ambra’s RoR and stellar ritual, they just really change how you play and offer so much versatility.

Rath’s Double jump (HAHAHAHAHAHA you stupid bird I can helicopter and fly high too)

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Rath’s double jump is really underrated and underestimated LOL it can confuse people so badly

Caldarius’ 4L "Flash Barrage for blinding all the eyes.
ISIC’s 10L/M/R. All three of them are really fun.
Thorn’s 10M “Trap Training” is hilarious in a few situations.
Marquis’ 8R “Hoot of the Vigilant”. I feel it isn’t chosen enough, but I love it.


Awesome Mad Max reference!

Also, “Mind Bullets” is a Tenacious D reference!

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Yea it is so fun to kill those benedicts that think they are safe walking up to rath, until they find out I ALWAYS take the double jump. I have saved a few videos of killing benedicts trying their best ro run away, so hilarious.

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How could i forget “pillar storm”?! It’s responsible for the majority of my double and triple kills.

I have one just because of how I can use it, space lasers. if I see a toby/marquis doing very well and standing still or i’m playing incursion I use it. i’ll drop a laser right behind the toby/marquis and a lot of time before he knows it’s hitting him he’s gone…

I love rift network because It’s hilarious when an enemy melee walks into my network instead of attacking the rifts to make it safe…I had one game against a pendles that he kept trying to backstab me…inside my rift network…as in he’d run into it before attacking at all…

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Montana exploding on Mansformation ending is great. Save that dash and you become a longbow nuke turret.

Suck a cow!

Hunter Orendi. Where she nullifies after you. There is no escape!