Favorite Jakobs Revolver?

So many awesome Jakobs revolvers it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m torn the most between the Maggie and the Lucky 7. I love the Flood too. And the Companion is so fun to crit with .

What’s your favorite ?

I really like the Wagon Wheel on my Jakobs-oriented Amara. Bullets everywhere.

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Maggie > Queen’s Call (radiation) > Wagon Wheel. Those are my top 3 favorite as of today, subject to change.

In context/by class, Maggie > Wagon Wheel as Zane or Fl4k, Queen’s Call for Amara, and I let Moze collect dust.

The mechanic of the King/Queen Call (where the reward for a crit are restored bullets and three homing bullets) is pretty fun. I haven’t seen one with a burly scope… having to use those little iron sights keeps the risk/reward tradeoff comfortably high.


And the fact that they heal you and bonus elemental skills/annointments spawn extra homing bullets makes this my #2 Fav jakobs


Didn’t know, neat!

All but the duc and the unforgiven can’t seem to get into the duc been trying so hard too and unforgiven feels off like the flood rewards skill the unforgiven makes your enemies feel sorry for you -.-

I think Unforgiven is the my favorite Jakobs pistol. Reload animation is so great, sadly it only works like that in default view.

Yeah that looks awesome but outside of amara it feels so weak and yes I understand how to use it lol as my fave gun in destiny 1 was hawkmoon omg precise shots feel so good lol

How have you’ve been using the flood I’ve tried using it but it always feels like it doesn’t do enuff.

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On m4 you need a good anointment just remember it’s not a pistol it’s a heavy machine just with high rof high recoil and a small mag aim for the head normally close combat style and depends on the enemy burst fire and reload after each time you fire it

I have a lvl 50 maggie with the +1% damage for consecutive hits annointment that is my absolute favorite. My Amazing Grace is next in line.

Love the amazing Grace hate acquiring it

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That mission was a strange flex for sure. Deathwish coffee tier dark but nonchalant about it.


No just insanely depressing poor man lost the only thing that ment any thing to him remember he lives in Pandora a complete dump so not like he had any thing of worth out side of her


I hated that quest :frowning:

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the duc for me. A beautiful mixture of torgue and jacobs. the best of both worlds. perfect for me.


the flood my favorites pistol

Tough call, honestly. The Lucky-7 has some great potential but it’s incoherent. The Maggie is quite fun. The Unforgiven is nice, but it drops off so drastically in M4 that it’s hardly usable.
I do remember the Wagon Wheel being fun but I haven’t used it in ages.
Amazing Grace is a good pistol but I don’t like that it’s a quest reward.

Lucky 7 with Moze. If you get the roll where it shoots 7 purple bullets (don’t know the name but think they auto-crit) then it just decimates enemies. If you have specced for ammo regen you can keep the roll indefinitely as long as you don’t spam the trigger too fast and you can clear everything supper quick.