Favorite killing grounds to let your day slip away?

When I’ve had a rough day, I like to take it out on pandora. Sometimes CoS is what I need. Other times, all of eden6 is what it takes. Usually it’s punking graveward several times.

Who/ where do you kill frenzy to feel better?

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I just run around Pandora chubby hunting. I find it relaxing.


For me it is definitely CoS or Slautherstar since it isn’t a predictable as the boss battles. But I’ll change up my build and Mayhem mode depending on how I feel. Sometimes I want to run Fl4k and focus entirely on pets so I’ll back down to MM1 or 2 and just have fun. Other times, I want to facetank the gates of hell so I’ll run Moze Bloodletter grenade build on MM3 and actually try to roll bad modifiers.


Actually playing tvhm. While slaughtering gw in moments is fun and rewarding, mowing through entire story mode, especially parts that were excruciatingly difficult first playthrough, now that’s a way to relax :wink:


Killing Maliwan is my favorite activity.

I can’t manage to find any pleasure into fighting COV, as soon as those damn annointed militant pop it annoy me (It don’t kill me, just ruin my fun), and if somehow a few badass zealot happen, my screen become a very colorfull rainbow, which is usually when I open the menu to fast travel to sanctuary


I like to drop down to mm1 and bring the apocalypse down on an entire map. One after the other. It’s fun to turn most common enemies into red mist with any weapons you feel like at the time.
Real stress relief


Hell yes!

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Yeah I like beating down on Maliwan as well.


In Slaughterfest 3000 we finally get to fight the full powered maliwan, with tones of bots and the such.

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I love the city scape Promethia. If I want a challenge (especially this week) i go into Slaughter Shaft. The poetry & flow of combat in BL3 is endlessly enjoyable.


If it’s not for rewards, cruising Lectra City is a nice way to unwind. The Anvil isn’t bad either… Just depends on which backdrop I’m more into at the time. I don’t really have a casual go to for Maliwan troops, guess I just really dislike them.

If it’s for rewards then I’m usually at Gigamind because it’s effortless. If my wife’s on with me we will do CoS.


My favorite way to relax after a long work night

is either farming or running proving grounds

mayhem 1 or 3. 1 if I want to steamroll,3 if I

want to be tortured by annointeds. Which you

guys know are eager to hit you and teleport

away. Fun.

So with that said my favorite mayhem would

probably be 1. That’s the one I have the most

fun in. Haven’t even tried 2. And 3 is just a

chore at times due to stat rolls,especially

when dealing with more than 2 annointeds at

once with said rolls. But that’s me.

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I think I want to be your homie. You understand exactly what this thread is about.

That’s a hella good point and makes me want to amend my original thought. After I posted this, I tuned down to mayhem 2 and ran Shaft til I died. I then turned it back up to 3 and did the trial of instinct (I think that’s what it’s called… the last one with the jabbers, dinos and near bottles Jacobs money barrels).

Another genius point for mechanics. With a button press you can go from mulching hordes to endurance fighting everyone.

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Again, this is the poetry of death catharsis in the borderverse. Thanks for the thought my dude!

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@watomcknight exactly why I’ll be playing this

til I die,just like I’m still playing Borderlands 2.

There’s still lots playing there too.

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You psn?
If so, hit me up. Diceanddave92615 and we can get that murder on.

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@watomcknight add me. My PSN APE-160

I’m at work but I game m-f 0300-0500 and 1200

    1. I do slaughters on the weekends when

family duties allow. Why I like proving grounds

usually takes me less than 10 minutes solo,a

bit more on mayhem 3 for those reasons I

mentioned earlier. Besides this I just farm.

Besides these I’m running through tvhm again.

On 2nd trip to promethea,just wrapped Athenas.

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I like mayhem 3 and running athenas with amara go from the start to traunt then go take out private beans and chupacapratch tons of fun and no anointed to piss me off


Offline MM3 Slaughter Shaft. I’ll reroll for 20 minutes for at least two posirive damage modifiers. So much Guardian Rank.

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