Favorite/Least Favorite Gun Manufacturer? Why?

Oddly, my favorite in BL3 was my least favorite in BL2 - Tediore. Especially their SMGs that allow me to basically spawn endless guns from a hidey-hole to wipe out entire zones.

My least favorite - Maliwan. Slow projectiles and charging…blargh.

How about you?


Fl4k likes Jakobs… So I like Jakobs…


i feel the same about maliwan. which is strange considering that it used to be one of my favorites in BL2. i happen to enjoy jacobs now alot. but thats because they are great in fl4k’s build. with his action skill fade away and the guerrillas in the mist to back it up.

Aargh, you missed a great chance for a monkey-with-a-gun joke there…

I have been having a lot of fun with Maliwan guns, the charge times haven’t bothered me. Maybe I am just getting lucky and not really getting high charge time guns? I don’t know but I am loving a few of their shotguns.

I am still a fan of Jakobs, have been for the past 2 games.

The only manufacturer I have not been too fond of yet is Atlas. I find the tracker system a bit tedious with having to switch back to the tracker dart. Although I did come across one with a tracker grenade which was different. Overall though, I haven’t enjoyed Atlas.

i use spider ant… although i feel that yeah i did miss that opportunity.

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Atlas grew on me, especially for bosses. Tag the bosses weakpoint and then watch the crits roll in while you focus on mobility. Fantastic for a few of the nastier ones later.

i agree with you on atlas. the tracking darts are more than useful… i ran into a shotgun that was by tourge (not positive though) that had a impact/sticky choice. it shot rockets. i found that sticky was awesome for bosses. all i had to do was hit the boss in the general area of their critical zone and all the pellets would blow up and hit crit with each burst

Favorite has been Jakobs so far but that is partially because I run a crit Fl4k.

Least has been Tediore. Never liked them and never will.

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There is a certain quest reward Tediore that might change your mind :slight_smile: It follows things around and targets their weak-spots.

I like all weapon but it can be a hit or a miss with how some Maliwan guns fire. Some times ya get a flamethrower smg with stupid long range and critz for days(was my baby till I sold it). Then sometimes ya get a pistol with only threw in the mag with nothing special.

Favorite Manufacturers: Jakobs for Fl4k, Vladof and Dahl for everyone else.

Least Favorite: Maliwan, Atlas, Tediore. All too gimmicky.

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Really not a fan of Vladofs for the most part. Much like the COV stuff - way too ammo hungry.

They’re situational without ammo regen, to be sure. I’ve gotten good use out of their automatic sniper rifles and machine pistols on Fl4k, though. I use a Jakobs shotgun to clear my way to a boss, then out comes the Vladof for maximum DPS in Fade Away.

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Jakobs pistols, Maliwan SMGs and shotguns, Dahl assault rifles.

The Jakobs revolvers can actually deal out decent damage and are good when you are running low on other ammos.

The Maliwan SMGs and Shotguns are good to trigger status effects on enemies.

The Dahl assault rifles are usually pretty accurate and deal good normal damage.

Dahl has surprisingly proven really effective for me in my run with Amara. That said, I think my favorite is probably Vladof.

My least favorite? COV. No contest. I thought it would be Maliwan, but I can find good Maliwan guns that work effectivly. I have yet to find a COV weapon I can wield for longer than 20 seconds without just feeling… wrong. I’m a compulsive reloader so the fact that I can’t reload is awkward and kinda painful. I also dislike the heat mechanic because my pauses are never long enough to let the heat die down.

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Favourite: Torgue

Least Liked: Dahl

I wanted to like Vladof more, but it really annoys me that it won’t stay on the selected fire mode.

I might like Maliwan if I could find one without an annoying charge up.

I’ve had occasion to find Atlas useful. I may like their assault rifles best.

Jakobs is solid. Not my favourite, but a dang fine choice.

Can’t name a single favourite, I’ll take whatever’s best, but with my shotgun siren that tends to be Jakobs and Torgue. Tediore can be great too, there’s no arguing with a shotgun that’s also a homing MIRV grenade.

Least favourite is clearly Maliwan. Not because they’re terrible in terms of damage output, I just hate when shots aren’t instant. Also, I’m always running in combat, but I can’t run while charging. I’ve tried many of them and hardly liked a single one, they go straight in the bin.

I’ve had a few good COV weapons, but that’s rare and I don’t like them. Most of them go straight in the bin too.

Jakobs hands down. Hate running low on ammo and Jakobs offers the most efficient ammo usage by just causing a crap ton of damage with a single shot. Also there’s something satisfying about old school guns that blow off body parts with a single hit.

Worst gun… probably Maliwans cause their damage sucks and unless you have all 4 different slots dedicated to each element and swap between what health pool you’re fighting against you’ll end up against a boss where your favorite Maliwan weapon is useless cause it’s the wrong type.

Also I kinda hate Tediore just cause I spam reload a lot and end up accidentally throwing away 25 rounds by trying to open a chest and blowing myself up.

torgue. i had a level 12 green AR that lasted me all the way to level 18 cus of how op the sticky bullets are. and when using them on a boss its super satisfying to see the health go down. now im just looking for a new one and my current weapons suck lol.

oh yeah least favorite maliwan jesus what were they thinking