Favorite Maya Setups

Let me know what your best maya setups are

I would like to make a collection and have contributions

There’s a great collection of Maya builds here:


I am aware of this list but I would like to see what you all personally use

I use what is essentially @derch’s DPS Nursing build (from the bottom of the Maya Skill Guide); basically, it allows me to play solo or co-op by simply switching class mod - no skill point respec needed, so I don’t have to remember where all the points go. I generally have Leg. Siren, Cat, and Binder mods on board, and chose whichever best fits the situation.


Here are 4, not in order of use:

Chain Reboomtion:

Solo Twisted Pimp:



The one I use most is the solo Twisted Pimp variant, with a Big Boom Blaster, Lobbed Quasar, Legendary Siren, Bone of the Ancients, Grog Nozzle, corrosive and incendiary Pimpernels, Bekah.

Other commonly used guns: Dastardly Maggie, Hornet, BeeHawk for speed runs/Dukino’s Mom/Saturns/raids, Blockhead.

I have 2 Mayas and 2 builds. My OP8 Maya uses a slight variation of Derch’s Twisted Pimp build, my OP0 Maya runs this: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555101055151051000000555510501
The com is a L. Binder, the weapons: fire Barking Pimpernel, Rapid Infinity, Leather Triquerta and Murdering Slagga. Relic is Sheriff’s Badge and shield is either The Transformer, Bee or Blockade…

What @VaultHunter101 listed is exactly my setup (including COMs) except I only play solo so I dump some Harmony points into Quicken. With that the cool down is rediculously low.
Blockade, Bone (mostly corrosive), Magic Missiles and Quasars, any and all weapons.


Blurred Trickster (purple)
Corrosive Bone of the Ancients

I think I seen @Derch using it in a video and have been loving it!


These are the main builds I use for my two allegiance Sirens, though I will change them on the fly if it sounds like fun. Each of them use only on-manufacturer weapons, shields, and grenades (COMs and relics are unrestricted), and as I have rules that restrict the weapons I may use (even within these allegiances), the loadout at any given time depends on what kind of enemies I’ll be facing.



That is awesome. I’m always impressed by your approach to the game - using setups and gear that most of us don’t.

I love doing allegiance runs with everything restricted. You should try it

It really depends on the allegiance for me. Pure loyalty results in a lot of imbalance between manufacturers and indeed characters. A pure bandit Krieg is much easier than a pure Jakobs Gaige! I usually prefer a bit of leeway in order to keep the game enjoyable.

That’s true

Why would you even try to run a Jakob’s Gaige? OK, I guess if you avoided her middle tree, but otherwise that doesn’t make any sense at all. Maya with Jakobs I can see, as she adds more elemental effects to base damage (whereas Gaige really only adds fire on shock.)

Edit: Well, and Maya with the Nisha head looks totally cool and deserves nothing bet the finest Jakobs weaponry!

@MidnightNova ran a very successful Jacobean Gaige I believe

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Picturing Gaige dressed in a Cavalier outfit, complete with ridiculous feather in hat. Absurdly, this pleases me. (Plus, I can’t imagine her EVER siding with the Roundheads!)


Thanks @VaultHunter101

Now I wish she had one. (and yes, I run a Jakobs build that facerolls op0).

And a funky new avatar to boot - looking good!

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