Favorite Moments from Borderlands! And some words of encouragement!

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Was trying to send this directly to Gearbox through their contact them page, but it wasn’t working.

So thought I’d post it here, if that’s ok! Maybe we can make this a favorite gaming moments/memories of Borderlands topic too!

Hey guys, hey Randy. I hope you get to read this at some point.

Just a massive Borderlands fan here! Saw your PAX panel and I am super excited for the Borderlands remasters, and of course Borderlands 3! They all look phenomenal!! Borderlands 3’s new locations, new characters, new vehicles, and… Holy CRAP, a gun with legs! Insanely awesome!

Just wanted to give you guys some words of encouragement though, in this wasteland of negativity the internet has become. While there were some technical difficulties with the trailers during your presentation, some of these gaming news sites and articles coming out about how it was disappointing or lackluster are, well, just plain wrong. There hasn’t been one comment on any article I’ve read from a fan saying they were disappointed or not extremely excited for Borderlands 3 after watching the trailer. An article from one site in particular(coughPolygon, or more like Poly-justseriouslyshutdownyoursiteandnevereverwriteaboutgamingeveragain-goncough), seems like they are just scrounging for relevance with their article about your presentation. So pay no mind to them or any other site’s(looking at you too, Gamespot) writings of discouragement. They don’t speak for the fans. They speak only for themselves.

I think I am correct in saying that your fans, your true fans, are genuinely super stoked for what we’ve seen from the reveal trailer! I think I can relate to and understand the feelings Randy must have had on that stage. When you are trying to show off something you have proudly built or created, something your team have worked tirelessly on and are very proud of, only to have it glitch or not work properly! I think I would be a little upset or frustrated as well! You desperately want everything to be perfect and run smoothly! Especially when it’s a game you have worked on for many years now!

Don’t be discouraged! I have read a comment from a Jeremy Eames, on an article on Gamesradar about some of the troubles from PAX. He said, “I was in the audience for this panel and I didn’t feel any of the frustrations this article implies. It was awesome. A technical glitch or two are to be expected. The magic was fun. But haters are gonna hate, I guess.” So there ya go. Gamespot, Gamesradar, Polygon…Fake News!!

But basically, I just wanted to say that I have read through hundreds of comments the last few days. Fans are definitely incredibly excited, and glad that it looks like Borderlands 3 is going to be above and beyond everything we are hoping it would be!

So thank you guys for all your hard work on creating the Borderlands games! I have had some of the best gaming moments and memories playing through each game. And I know 3 is going to be a blast as well, that’s for damn sure! I just wish I had a Delorean. You know, so I could hit 88mph and travel to the future to start playing it sooner!!

One of my favorite memories playing Borderlands was with the first one. The very first time I jumped over Piss Wash Gully in a runner, and Scooter came over the radio saying, “Ah hell, did you just leap over Piss Wash Gully in one of my runners? Man! Dude, tell me when you’re going to do that crap! That was awesome!” I thought, yeah, this is definitely my favorite new game!

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Jumping off the buzzard tower in sawtooth, never so happy to have a video game character proud of me.:smiley:

(Lu4n) #3

My favorite was in te pre sequel when the i heard “ERRADICATE” and i was like “wait is that?.. it cannot be” and I was so happy because in the game has a reference of my favorite series, and I did the whole mission laughing, maaaaam that was a good mission

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That is the first raid boss kill i did with Bar off. After that kill i feel invincible and know that I can kill all of the raid boss with all characters, which i did.

After this kill, i did not go back to how i kill raids before. No more hiding on the rock with Terramorphous, No more Pete getting trap in the Ledge, No more gate crushing Master gee, no more under the map Voracidous kill.