Favorite overall gun?

So I haven’t seen a thread on this yet, so decided to make this. What is your favorite gun in BL2? It can be unique, non-unique, legendary or pearl.

It’s hard to say, there are so many good ones. If I am using one gun for too long I get bored and move on to another gun I like.

Depends on what, who and how you play.

The Bekah is good on Gaige and Maya but not with K. The Twister is good with all 6 VH’s. The Hellfire is good with Maya and K…}

In order, from an avid Krieg player:
-Conference Call
-Baby Maker

True, that is why I didn’t share my favorite, I just don’t have one.

Any character-GO!

DPUH! :dukewhistle:

Kidding! :dukecensor:

It’s a toss-up between an Ogre and a Ravager.

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Ogres are nice. Blue Flesh Crunch and purple explosive relic. People say.

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Probably my Rustler’s Twister (Shock) shotgun. It has a cool firing pattern, does very good damage and allows Maya to fully heal anyone with only 1 point in Restoration and only 1 pull of the trigger. :blush:

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I like the UH (looking for a DPUH still). I liked the Maggie a lot. Oh yea, the Hornet is awesome too! So far my top 3 (probably cause I haven’t found too many of the others that are listed)

Conference Call.

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Lady Fist, Twister, and Bitch. I don’t think I could choose one over the other, but I carry them on every character.

  1. Ravager
  2. Hive
  3. Bekah
  4. Ogre
  5. Florentine

The bitch is kinda worse then the other two tho tbh

You said favorite, not the best.

Oh yeah fair point of course, sorry, forgot the whole point :smile:

I have noticed that rather a lot of people like the Ravager, interesting. I really like it too, because I play Krieg primarily.
@Poisd2Strike iteresting way of using it.
@AMG_75 Good choice, powerfull, beautiful and fun to use.
@da6770 I see you like pistols a lot
@xmngr if you are not going to be critting, then a blue rarity Power Toast COM will have higher DPS by a MILy, just like that build I made with the KerBlaster ( Ogre Toast would be an awesome name for a build like that :smile: )
@Gulfwulf I thought you were serious for a second
@Abvex yeah, some guns become boring after a while.


The Ravager is my favorite gun with Axton

  1. Pyrophobia
  2. Dahl Minigun
  3. Sawbar
  4. Creamer
  5. Ravager

There are certainly more, but these are the ones that came up at the moment.


Conference Call - I got Incendiary and Corrosive.