Favorite parts of a playthrough?

What’s your favorite part(s)/moment(s) of a playthrough or the game in general?

Mine is probably things like the following:

unlocking my action skill and using it the first time

finding my first useful gun that isn’t a freakin’ pistol :smile:

that moment somewhere between level 5 and 20 when you feel like you have tasted the flavor of your chosen character and understand it’s general purpose/potential

Definitely when you unlock the cap of a skill tree and first try it.

First legendary drop for that character.

getting your coop team out of a major scrape through good tactics.

Beating the game

enough skill points for 2 level caps

putting together some extreme build of gear + skill points + circumstances successfully. Bloodsploding Pete for example.

Doing something in the game that you know would be really tough in a different circumstance but you made it easy. Example: I was helping a team beat an arena. We were down to one guy in the arena. I threw a seeking grenade to destroy the remaining turrets. Or easier example, phaselocking a flying jerk that was bugging everyone else.

Getting a legendary on your first fight with the boss, unlocking a brand new skill, starting a new DLC campaign, playing digistruct peak, shredding a boss


My first time playing Borderlands 1 when we didn’t fully even know what this game would end up like and all the players online were still level 5 and noobs. In that context, walking out of the gates of the first town and killing those skags and finally getting a vehicle to move around faster. And subsequently starting to conquer the rest of that map. And then finally being able to move on to next big area where you unlock the fast travel network. Stepping/driving into the new maps and realizing how big the game likely was. Feeling the mad max influence.

Stumbling into some side quest boss that was too powerful initially and then going back to kick it’s butt later.

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Amen. Getting a new legendary you’ve never gotten before and having a blast.

Using the conference call and the Orc on salvador on playthrough 2 with a bee shield. Peeps were dying around corners, etc lol.