Favorite Pet? Why?

I’m curious to see how everyone feels about the different pets.

Spiderant Scorcher - Favorite for sure. Between his head butting the ground to his chomping his jaws he just feels like the coolest pet and I love how he looks with the Gamma Burst Atomic Aroma effect around him.

Gunslinger Jabber - 2nd favorite: it’s a monkey with a rocket launcher who makes funny noises; what’s not to love.


Total FL4K noob here, but probably the Rakk because I’m not fluent in keeping the others on task.

To be fair, it took a long time for me to tame Deathtrap, but these are different obviously.

Hands down the Skag, its not only the most powerfull of them all, offering insane damage boosts with the right build, but it also resembles a dog. And the horned version looks absoltely badass.

I dig all 3,at first I was going skag before the

game dropped,cause I saw he spits out ammo

randomly. But in my first few hours he went

down too much. So I swapped for the range

fighter in the jabber. It was more recent that I

swapped him out for the scorcher for the plus

10 % elemental. She’s a good girl. Her name is


Countess because I run a gun build and I find the teleport to be the most useful for that; also CORROSION!

I haven’t really used Eridian Skag much yet but I might try it out once we get enough points for my build to incorporate it

Gunslinger Jabber, he doesn’t blindly rush attack like the other 2 needing me to constantly revive him.

Spiderant, she’s the cutest and does some decent damage when cared for properly.


Honestly, since day one my boi Skooby Chew (Skag) Don’t get me wrong a Jabber with a gun is amazing and a Spiderant is cool but just having a dog along side me that also is a tanky beast that can help you out with killing enemies or help you and your friends distract during a fire fight is just really dope to me.

I just wish the skill tree and his damage was better because I feel he’s not as great as the other two pets. :frowning: Here’s hoping gearbox listens and upgrade our tiny friends on the field.


I prefer the scorcher spiderant, the elemental buff helps your rakks out the most and if all the guns in your loadout are elemental I think you’ll get a slightly better buff than from the skag. The healing can be nice too but 3% isn’t as game changing.


I wasn’t expecting the Spiderant to be so endearing but her behaviors are cute…plus the Scorcher gives buffs that are useful to a lot of builds. Also seems like her hitbox is a bit wonky and she takes less damage as a result but maybe I’m just getting lucky when getting revived.

I like the Eridian Skag a lot and wish both Attack Command and singularities were better so I could justify using him over the Horned Skag (or any other pet really).

I am not fond of the Jabber, but I appreciate that someone on the GBX design team knew that real monkeys are gross animals with obnoxious behaviors, and incorporated those qualities into their space monkey with a gun and sick shades.


Skooby chew :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
just made my whole dayyyy


I like them all, but 2nd would be Spiderant Scorcher, and 1st is Gun Jabber. I started my first FL4K with a Jabber and it just felt right.

Ook indeed, my brother. Ook indeed.


Nicely necrod. Anyways :smiley: My favorite is the Scorcher because it provides damage and survivability in one package and both bonuses are very significant when boosted by Yawp. If you are going kinetic though then my next best choice is Skag. As far as looks and behavior is concerned again Scorcher is my favorite.


Well, since we’re playing with the zombie thread, I love the Eridian Skag. Cuddles just seems so playful and all they want is for people to come and play…but they always end up dead.


I like the Gunslinger Jabber for the extra crit and movement speed but I also really like the Scorcher Spiderant as well. Both seem to offer pretty well-rounded bonus passives. The Great Horned Skag is nice too, but I rarely spec deep enough into the blue tree to be able to equip it.

EDIT: the Scorcher does seem to have the best survival, just on its own, without my interference or specs.

If you run a Bounty Hunter that boosts Frenzy the gunslinger jabber is the only pet that will keep it up without points in He Bites.

The scorcher gives the best passives and looks the best IMO, but dies often in my experience.

I don’t spec in the master tree so I don’t run the horned skag. When I did try using him I felt his dps was way below the scorcher and slinger.

this made me laugh out loud :joy::joy:


This is exactly why I swapped to Scorcher and man it’s awesome. She seems a lot bigger than other pets though, so for some enemies it’s a pain in the ass. But that 30% elemental boost is insane when paired with something that deals already tremendous damage (looking at you, 18M hitting Breath of the Dying balls)

I love my Spiderant. I really do and she serves my Fade Away FL4k well.

I have a second FL4K and he has the Great Horned Skagg.
Since this FL4K is a Friendbot setup, it makes up for the thoughtless running into Badasses and such that he does.

I have been liking the Skagg better, but mostly because he is smaller than the Spiderant. The Spiderant sometimes gets in the way visually and blocks my view. But I still love her.

I am just not a fan of Jabbers and not really interested in one as a pet.

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For usability? Spiderant scorcher hands down. For fun? Jabbers. Nothing like having donkey kong trying to kill you while you fight enemies