Favorite piece of music in Battleborn

I found THIS playlist and it made me wonder which piece of music in the game people like the most or if people even pay attention to the music at all.

I really like the Rogues’ theme, even though it’s not in the game anymore.

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My absolute favouite is Outback Start/Finish. I could listen to it all day. Reminds me of “The Prodigy” and it is simply badass.

Second comes Outskirts and the Toby-DLC-OST. “Hallway Gauntlet” is my current morning music :heart:

"Montanaaaa! MONTANAAAA! Montana!



OH YES! Those are awesome! I do wish the Outback ones were a bit longer though

Can’t have a list like this without that one ahahah. It’s amazing and I will never forget the moment when I clicked on the voice log and that song started playing.

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The UPR theme (which is now the main menu theme) is pretty nice, and the Eldrid theme is great too, but my favorite is definitely the Paradise start/finish tracks.

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Indeed, I still hope someone fumbles a Extendet-version together^^
For now I´m happy to have this playlist on youtube, before I listend to the OST on Raisin Varners Soundcloud-account, he has all music there too.

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i like the Main Menu theme that plays.

Hands down for me is the beginning of meltdown in the jennerit home world.

I liked the original menu music that was in the CTT.

Launch trailer music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEtV0eGYmAU

tied with the Toby’s Friendship Raid plasma missile tunnel music.


I liked game music so much I made this playlist :wink:
My favs are all pieces from Oscar Mike vs the battleschool, The Algorithm, The Sentinel, and ending theme from Outskirts.

In what way are they "tied??

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