Favorite playable character over the 3 BL games?

Not sure if it’s been asked before somewhere between the old and new forums but I was wondering what everyone’s favorite character has been and why. Just one.

For me it’s Axton. Have a fantastic lv72 build for him and have enjoyed playing as him more than any other character. Cool bastard too! Would love to play as him in BL1 and TPS. Could probably work too, right?

I can’t choose between Wilhelm and Zer0 :< Both lol!

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Krieg all the way

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Zero, arguably.

Mordecai :heart:

Best shot Pandora has ever known.


Damned tricky question.

Kreig…No, Claptrap!

Wait, no, Roland.

I mean Axton.

or Aurelia.

And Mord.

Definitely them. Depending on what mood I’m in.


Lilith! Phasewalk plus elemental master.

Get there in a hurry and burn 'em all!

  1. Lilith
  2. Krieg
  3. Maya
  4. Brick
  5. Mordecai (Sorry @Kitty_Jo!)
  6. Roland
  7. Nisha
  8. Gaige
  9. Athena
  10. Zer0

Everyone else is still in PT1/Normal mode.

His skill tree and turret is 10x better than axton’s ( health+ammo regain gliding missle etc )
So im gonna be pretty sad that he’s not gonna be in BL3

I kind of get nitpicky over the white Dahl rifle that Roland uses in BL2 as an NPC.

He should probably be using Bessie or something. Or the Shredifier.


Then Krieg. Or Gaige.

But I like them all. :slight_smile:

Definitely Gaige, electricity element master race (in borderlands 2 anyway, now it’s all about the cryo+explosive). Not to mention flying death robot.

Mordecai, Maya, Roland

Overal Maya (way in front), Lilith, Nisha … seems I got a thing for digital women. Nisha was the best part of BL:TPS for me.

Mordecai , definitely and forever Mordecai!

Definetly Mordecai.

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@hazlettedward I rate Roland highly too but Axton won it for me because of his arrogance/confident/sarcastic attitude. That and his longbow, magnetic, duel turret mayhem.

Would love to see all playable characters return for BL3 but equally exciting is all the new characters to come

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Lil just gets it over Krieg.

I think the TPS characters have been some of the most interesting across all the games. Unlike their predecessors in BL1&2, I’ve enjoyed them all and would happily pick up any one for a playthrough. Perhaps that’s why one of them doesn’t stand out as a choice to be my #1.

Timothy, hands down, single or coop.

Claptrap 2nd place for sheer random co-op fun.

Then Maya, Roland, Wilhelm, Gaige - rest in an even bunch with Krieg/Brick tied for last place.

Toss up between gunzerker and mordecai solo play. And clappy for co op