Favorite quest item Dlc

Ok so I am running Zane and I really like The Brad Luck.
What’s everyone else’s faves?
Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

Pa’s Rifle

Its a Blue Rarity Unique Jakobs Lever Action Rifle /w Iron Sights

It does good dmg, has a decent mag size and its special ability is 3 richochet on crit, so it shreds mobs. Especially on a Crit Fl4k

Incendiary Boomer, high fire rate, high normal bullet damage AND deals splash damage. It’s like it was made for Moze. I can absolutely shred through armor, shields, and flesh (flesh doesn’t exist with this gun) in M4. The only enemies that give me difficulty with this gun are hardened badasses and annoying aka anointed.

Not a DLC item though

[spoiler] Probably the Melter Masher. Obviously it’s mostly just useful in the DLC because corrosion is kinda meh in the base game but having a Jakobs Masher in corrosive was something I never knew I needed until I got it. You can pretty much get away with using no other gun ever throughout the DLC after getting it. [\spoiler]


The Rogue Sight! Anyone? Anyone? Eh? :rofl:

My bad. I was perusing while working and didn’t give the title a full read. lol

Edit: Mine is the Melter Masher. Mashers have been wheres its at since day 1.

2 Shot Jakobs Unforgiven /w Scope and Masher Accessory. My favorite gun in the series.