Favorite Quote from BulletStorm

In an attempt to get some activity stirred up around this place…

What is your favorite quote from BulletStorm? The game originally branded too profane for people to play, and as FOX News said, a game that would cause people to ■■■■ people. I’m not even joking there.

But, what quote, phrase… which character shouted/grumbled something that made you laugh, cringe or hold on to for years?

For me, one of the most childish lines of the game from Grayson… is still my favorite.

I still laugh at this even now.
Childish or not, it’s funny. :slight_smile:

…when the remote-controlled dinosaur finally dies? That was pretty funny. :laughing:

I think my favorite (and I say this because a screenshot of this is one of the slides on my screensaver at work) is when he’s going up that elevator with his buddy and he says, “Hey, You wanna make out? Just two gruff military hardened dudes sitting in an elevator snuggling out their woes in a totally hetero way.” The rest of that conversation is pretty funny, but I only have the first line down because it’s on the screensaver.

Grayson Hunt and Trishka turn to see a monster type, that has already been a nightmare to take down, appear in a doorway. It trips, falls down some steps and topples into a pool of acid killing it instantly.

GH - “Feelin’ like I should make some sort of witty comment here”.
Trishka - “Why start now?”


When Grayson starts singing about Waggleton.

Now I wish that the ps3 version wasn’t borderline unplayable for me :confused:

Nearly everything Serrano said, here are some examples anyways:

Gray: “Hey they are not interested in us, they are terrified”.
Serrano: “Gray´s dear mother must be nearby handing out mouthjobs.”

The code for the DNA Bomb (as much as i can say without spoiling it).

Serrano:“Got myself a scotch and i´m violently fiddlin´ with my balls in anticipation of your arrival.”

Serrano:“Suck the tears of my dick you ugly mud-■■■■■■■!”

Literally everything Sarrano says. Have you tried turning on the swearing/violence/whathaveyou filter? He sounds genuinely upset he can’t cuss now. It’s sad.

Waggleton is an obvious classic.

And I completely lost it during the elevator ride up the dam. Definitely something I’d say just to make people uncomfortable. It’s so much fun.