Favorite Rock Band

Post your favorite band and one of their videos/songs. You may as well have more than one favorite band and even enjoy more than one of that bands videos and that’s fine, but please post one at a time.

Here’s one of mine:



One of mine is Godsmack:

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Without turning this into a mini-anthology of the rock and roll section of my entire music collection, trying to stay true to “rock” and not any of the legions of subgenres, and picking a singular example as a favorite, here’s my entry:

Fun fact: this song is included with a select few others (Silverfuck by Smashing Pumpkins, Born of Fire by Slayer, Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin, for example) that are banned from being in my car, as driving under their influence will cause me to drive unusually aggressively. :metal:

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I love me some Bad Religion. This song isn’t my absolute favorite from them, but good lord that riff is so catchy.

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Sheesh, trying to narrow it down is madness

But this an oldie but goodie, I was raised on The Boss and will always be able to listen to him

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Bring Me The Horizon is my fav for right now, but i prefer to search something new all the time.