Favorite shield for each character?

What’s your favorite shield for each character? Obviously changes based on the build, but generally speaking what do you prefer?

Currently here are my preferences:
Lilith: Panacea Quick health regeneration! but Cracked Sash is pretty fun.
Brick: Muscleman/Macho with +60% health but I’ve been dabbling with the Rose lately.
Roland: Rose or Omega because of the quick recharge rate
Mordecai: Rose, Ironclad, or Panacea. I like just about everything with him but it depends if I’m sniping or mashing with revolvers

I think I’ll try farming again for a purple Wee Wee Booster soon and give that a shot.

What do you guys like?

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I like my level 69 impenetrable panacea. I think it’s better than the pearls.

I also have a perfect 67 SB. And it doesn’t really impress me. I want a perfect 69 alacritious (?) Panacea. With girl power going full steam murder spree I imagine it would keep up pretty well

If I find one with a high capacity, I use the Ironclad on my Lilith and Roland. But if not (and usually not), I just use the highest capacity Pangolin shield I find.

And I can’t enjoy Brick or Mordecai without a material 3 Tediore shield.

I have an alacritous panacea that’s pretty fun to use. I’ll post a pic of it later

I have a pangolin that’s overcharged with about 3300 capacity. I’ll take a shot of it next time I’m playing. It’s pretty beast

For Roland I prefer either 550OS or 550AWE shields. It’d make sense to go for big beefy XC shields for his Quick Charge regen, but I don’t feel I have kill skills up often enough for it. Usually I go for Anshin Ambushes on him, I feel he can keep care of his health well enough to ignore Panacea shields. Unlimited Transfusion grenades, his health regen kill skill, etc.

Brick does go for the big 550XC shields, his bonuses and Unbreakable are definitely worth the big capacity. For punchy builds I go for Torgues or a Super Booster. Most of the time, I go for Pangolins though, it’s really fun having 6K shields.

I pretty much only run Anshin Ambushes on Mordecai. I’ve found the extra recharge they have over Panaceas worth it, just having that small amount recharged has saved my skin so many times. Gives me just enough time to get some Bloodwing healing.

Oh, and Lilith. I use just about anything. She’s pretty much immortal with any shield. Sometimes I’ll run around with a nova, just for maximum DoTs everywhere. Gun DoT, Phasewalk DoT, Nova DoT, all the DoT.

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I wish novas were better. They don’t seem programmed well at all. I’ve tested them …they seem to just suck. Love the idea tho

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I uploaded the pics of those shields. The alacritous one is not perfect but fun. Here’s my go-to shield…

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@odiscordia I thought level 68 was the highest level for shields? Mind posting a pic to see the stats of your impenetrable panacea?

Gear from vendors, crimson shorty, and maybe a few other places can be level 69. So if it can world drop, it can be 69.


Never knew that. It’s crazy how a decade later, I’m still learning new things in this game. Can Cracked Sash be level 69?

No, as it has a fixed loot source(enemy) that doesn’t have any special Lv69 qualities. I can’t think of any unique weapons or gear that can be Lv69 cause of that.