Favorite skill combo

What are your favorite skill combos. It can be multiple skills from one Battleborn or skills from a few characters.

My favorites are Mansformation with “Big Payback” and using Lumberjack Dash just as it is about to explode. I usually die from it but it is worth it

Another one I like that I pulled off the other night is a pull chain with Shayne and Aurox and Ghalt. I pulled a Klesse from around the corrner by first sentry on overgrowth, then Ghalt grabbed him pulling him out to mid. It was sick.

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Mine is a Gally vortex to a Alani bubble then a shield throw before they fall for an extra 2 second stun

One of my favorites:
Rath’s Catalytic Smash, Crossblade, DREAD-NOPE

Me as Deande finishing off the target with a Calculated Risk Element of Surprise Burst Dash to the base of the cranium.


I call it boomsblast

I regularly play Ghalt and hook someone in, my partner has Shayne and pulls him even further, and then we have a Miko who stuns him at lvl 4, it’s glorious. xD
The absolutely hilarious part is though when I accidentally pull a minion and the same procedure happens to it, it’s pure gold. :joy::joy:


I’m a big fan of Kelvin using Sublimate on bouncies for an easy Hook with Ghalt.

Kelvin sublimates, Ghalt mines and hooks, Orendi shadow fire pillar.

Ghalt hooks enemy into scrap mine and kleeses rifts. Ghalt and kleeses then obliterate the enemy.

Rath catsmash and crossblade followed by flashbang.

Any pullmixed with a stun and spiced by orendi!

Passive boosted Hedronic Arc into Invigorating Pounce into Wake of Devastation Ult.

An amazing combo for Attikus in PvE which can heal you from zero to full within the first second if the mob density is good enough. And it blows his Ult damage through the roof between the base Ult, extra 2400 from WoD, and a Greased Lightning boosted HA chaining to all nearby enemies. Easily one of the biggest game changers for PvE Attikus.

And it works pretty well at level 5 too, just less damage equals less life steal.


Favorite skill combo; Actual skill. That’s the best one.


I haven’t unlocked that one yet, how do you get it?

I’m suspecting it’s got something to do with satanism or witchcraft.

ISIC reflect wards and then ult mode
And add in a Reyna overshield
Call it robot overlord time

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spike > lunge > blade launcher > alcohol


FTFY lol


2 man combo, ghalt/shayne and Kleese.

Rift network set up in a few locations I like and then the team mate pulls them into the rift(if shayne takes the pull all enemies mutation then can theoretically wave clear using this method as well)

Long time ago back when Ghalt’s trap stunned, I fought against a team whose Alani bubbled people and the Ghalt would place a trap under them so when they get un-bubbled they would fall on the trap. It was a pretty impressive duo.

Galilea’s pull/silence/slow Desecrate into Orendi’s Pillarstorm Paradigm. Death on a stick, gentlemen.

Second place: enemy reyna Photon Ward plus my Toby’s Core Discharge. :sunglasses:

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