Favorite Slag Weapon?

Other than the pimpernel, what is your favorite slag weapon? I keep the aggressive Slagga in my top weapon slot about 98% of the time. Limited range because of it’s poor accuracy but it’s outstanding up close and against large enemies. I’ve been wondering if there’s another weapon that can even come close to replacing it. I found a pretty sweet Dahl pistol last night that fires in a 5 round burst and has Jakobs sights. I also have a Dahl minigun with huge magazine and increased damage when aiming down the sights. I’d really love a slag Shredifier but rifles usually have a really low elemental chance so it may not even be worth it. I have a purple magic missile but I really only use it for regenerating grenades when I’m not in combat. Nothing can replace my assortment of elemental fastballs.

Depends on who I’m playing.
Axton I try to rely on my turret
Maya I use scron and ruin
Sal is the grog
Krieg I use a crossfire
Zero is kunie or a grog
Slagga is good to

slagga or magic missile



Or homing slag transfusion.

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These two.

Scorn :grin:

…or the Slagga
I don’t think its low accuracy is a problem, since the point of it is to paint the room purple without having to aim. If it was more accurate, it would actually be harder to use.

Otherwise, the Pimpernel is probably the second best thing (one of the few things at which the Pimpernel isn’t 1st)


That’s why I love the thing. Even with a screen full of fire (and chaos), I just spray and prey with Krieg and I know everything is ready to melt. :acmsmile:


Of all the weapons in the entire game that I use (and you know I use them all, although with restricted elements), Gwen’s Head is my favorite. It doesn’t slag nearly as reliably as the Slagga (for example), and won’t kill them as reliably as my slag Norfleet (as another example), but landing a full burst on target generally means they’re slagged after a single trigger pull (and if not, a second trigger pull is a safe bet).

i like my slag cc for crowded areas. slagga for everything else tho.

Magic missiles hands down…I know they can blow up in your face, but that’s their only downside, unless you get caught up close, they seek out enemies, slag them and don’t run out of ammo. I’m also partial to the Florentine, but it’s not the straight slagging tool that the pimp and slagga are. I like Maliwan and Hyperion e-tech plasma casters in general and I find I can both slag and kill with the Florentine as opposed to the Slagga… just as personal preference, I also like the firing pattern/rate/action of Maliwan SMG’s over Bandits

Neat trick with Hellborn Krieg for slagging: Activate your kill skills, FTF activates and gives you enormous slag chance, then swap to a slag topneaa and shoot it just above everyone as you would Maya’s Scorn… slags everything in the room at once :slight_smile:

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Hahah, genius.

For me, pimpernel, hands down: enemy is at the other side of the map? No problem, aim down the sights, pull the trigger and he/she/it’s purple; then deception and a couple of executes later dead enemy.
A group of enemies gathered togheter? Shoot at the middle one and almost all of them will be purple.
I also use it in close quarters, expecially against melee enemies, since they’re so easy to outmanouver unless I’m up against a very aggressive foe: in that case I pull out the Grog, so that I can heal as fast as I get into healthgate but I try to avoid that pistol because it usually takes so many shots to get them slagged.

Green rarity Slag Snider and purple Slag Transfusions for Zer0, Slagga for everyone else.

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With Maya, Florentine and Antagonist shield. With PL and CR I can paint almost anything in the room just aiming at one enemy, while anyone else shooting at me who isn’t close to the one in PL will get slagged by the Antagonist. I rarely even actively think about slagging with that combo.

Slagga for Gaige or Scorn for Maya (my usual toons)

I/O is underrated too I think; it has a good slag chance with my Catalyst equipped and I can often keep bosses painted purple just from stacks gained during reload cycles and repositioning.

I’m stretching the definition of ‘slag weapon’ with including a skill here, but since it makes any gun a slag gun I think it works

I hit them with the slagga, send out my turrets and take cover against really tough enemies. Occasionally peaking out to fire at them.

I definitely like maliwan SMGs better in general but when combined with the bee, it’s hard to top the slagga for damage as an SMG. My top 2 most used weapons are hellfire and slagga with DPUH in a close third.

I throw out the turret, some slag nades if I have them equipped and go from there. I main an explosive build so the slagga is usually in my backpack

Slagga and Florentine.

Edit: and of course the grog for melee Zer0, but that’s super obvious.

Grog, grog & grog. It’s the Grog Nozzle.

Before I can get the grog nozzle, the Slagga is a more than adequate slagging weapon. I don’t think anything else comes close to slagging something in so short a time as the Slagga does.

WTF, no love for the Chulainn?