Favorite Story Mission?

What’s your favorite story mission or operation, and what difficulty do you like playing it on?

My favorite is Advanced Hardcore Heliophage. The fact that the whole team has to pull out all the stops makes it so much fun for me. Everyone has to be fully coordinated, running their best gear and best characters with the best team comp. It’s the closest thing this game has to a full-blown raid boss.

Advanced- Sabetour. I do love advanced helio, but it can take so long, I prefer the challenge of a five man team on sabo.

Normal- Sentinal. I just love running around that map messing around. A couple weeks ago I was playing it on HC with @FlamesForAll and a couple others. I told them that Renya could one shot the sentinals and we spent the next bit of time knocking them off the edge.

HC- I like the ops at 50, it’s a nice challenge.

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Well, I agree with that much. I’ve done AHC Heliophage exactly once, in a 5-man, and I don’t intend to ever repeat the experience lol. I used to like The Saboteur, but the extra turret in the final room actually made it really easy. I used to run it with five Kleeses back when his health pool was non-existent, ah those were the days, we’d all huddle together and four heal chairs would have us at full health in 2-3 seconds, it was glorious! And the body blocking through every door lol, good times.

I like Toby’s Friendship Raid, it can be done in under 20 minutes with all ops points for skins and commander packs, but it’s quite challenging with Ronin and Elites everywhere. The boss is easy, unless you get the Ronin spawn, but the rest is tough, and I hog all the helixes so I’m level 10 while everyone else is 7-8.

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I really like the Void’s Edge and the Sentinel, mainly because they aren’t a ‘defend the objective’ kind of mission. Those can get a bit repetitive. As for Story Ops, I like Attikus the best because of the detective spin Attikus put on his simulation, some of the dialogue is pretty funny too.


Don’t judge me


Too late, JUDGED

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Welp, I’ll just go away

“You don’ deserve to die in the woods”

I’m just messing, I love the dialog of the archive, I just have a lot of bad memories from HC spotlight with randoms on that map.

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Isn’t ekkuni darkened though

Ekkunar is fine. How would we play on Overgrowth, Paradise, Outback, Temples, or Monuments?

Helio, HC or Advanced, glitches and all.

I’m pretty sure it happens in archive, but perhaps I misunderstood and it was a large scale attack

Nope, they just lit everything on fire and razed almost everything


Lol, that’s just so casual sounding

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Casual destruction should always be the goal


SPILL EM GUTS FELLA! Had to go orendi

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I’ve played them all enough that my favorite at any point in time happens to be the one I’ve played the least amount of times recently. So at the moment I think it would be Archive. Void’s Edge was my favorite for a long time until I cranked out 60 solo runs to get a Void Resonator to drop for my collection.

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I’m right there with you. My favorite mission is the one I haven’t done in awhile. I’m also partial to the algorithm and the traps in the sentinal are loads of fun too.

I just ran the sential on hardcore. Man that mission is fun. It’s really nice to fight through some full missions after speed running the ops.

Attikus DLC is my favorite level. It’s the one I played the most.

Oddly enough, I theory I would prefer “Raid mission”, but Algorithm, Sentinel and Heliophage are my “least” favorite missions. I don’t like their pacing.