Favorite type of Borderlands quest/Hopes for 3?

Obviously, quests are a big part of Borderlands 3- Whether it’s the main quest, for obvious reasons, or the side quests that this question will mostly be about because of how unique they are.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the side quests that toss ridiculous objectives at you, such as the way that Claptrap gives you the Secret Stash:

  • Collect 139,377 brown rocks
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby

Or, who could forget, Torgue’s iconic quest to BLOW UP THE OCEAN!

I hope there’s a few (not to overplay the joke or anything) of those in Borderlands 3.

So, to give me some nostalgia over the past games and to find out what more people thing on this- What kind of quests do you like to see in Borderlands games?

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Anything that’s the OPPOSITE of what The Pre-Sequel mission to get the Methane pumps thingies working to cross the lava thing. It kept making you go back and forth through what seemed endless miles of nothingness. Total waste of time.

YOU.WILL.DIE (Seriously)-esque missions are great, the more the merrier.
Things like Hammerlock’s Slappy mission, or any quest that involves fighting a fun, tough, unique enemy.


Definitely! Some challenging endgame side-mission bosses are more than welcome. Plus, you saying this reminded me of the mission in which you run around killing Bullymongs while Hammerlock tries (and fails) to think of names for them.

And dear god, sprintjumping through miles of wasteland and getting shot at by Shugraths nearly made me quit the game. Never again, hopefully.

Please, for the love of the Warrior, I can’t stress this enough… NO MORE TIMED DELIVERY MISSIONS OR FAILABLE ESCORT MISSIONS.

But those funny, character driven little “non-missions” we had in BL2, such as Claptrap’s Birthday Bash and Kill Yourself? I actually love those and certainly hope we’ll have at least a couple new ones in BL3.


Since we get space travel I am for some reason hoping for some questline for Mr Torgue on a small planet that actually ends with blowing up the planet when you finish… >.>


+1,000,000 VOTES!!! No timed mission! And escort missions, in any game I’ve played that has 'em, stink.


Mr. Torgue and the quest to build and fire the biggest, most explosionest gun in the known universe.

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You know how Claptrap roams around Sanctuary saying: ‘So lonely’?..

There should be a quest where he has a robot love interest. And this robot has a sexy French accent - but loaths Claptrap like everybody else… and will say: ‘has Moxxi said anything about me?’… but due to a computer virus the female robot double dates with Claptrap and those two other robots in the Moxxi add-on until the virus is removed.

The quest ends with the reward being a nut or bolt… and if you aquire both nut and bolt by doing the quest over, it becomes a set, with nice boosts!

And after the quest is complete, Claptrap is cheerful and high-fives you with eridium or other such loot everytime you encounter him in town.

Sounds as an awesome Quest for Borderlands 3 to me

I like all dort of Quests. Even collecting echo logs is cool because the are funny or shows interisting side story


Believe it or not, I was thinking about making a thread to see if people liked the ECHO storytelling method as opposed to, say, a Player Character backstory based sidequest. I kinda like having to find the little lore snippets, personally.


Dr. Zed’s Arms Dealing!

i like the simple meet up with a character from the past and help them with a small quest and get some unique gun they used or had…even if that gun screams when you shoot.

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As a recovering Destiny junkie I really hope there’s something in the game that pokes at Bungo and Destiny just a little bit.

This must come to pass.

Deep dives on lore and character development of my favourite characters. Am really looking forward to hearing the story of Maya, Tina, Rhys and (hopefully) unannounced characters such as Athena, Fiona, Janey & Krieg.

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I’m hoping there are a few different slaughter domes, and they are all repeatable. Kind of hope none are as much of an uphill battle as Murderlin’s, but aside from that, I need some new slaughterdomes in my life.

Finding out what happened to S&S

I’m a hoping that there are still a handful of comical, but somewhat useless weapons (ie Bane, Crit, ect from BL2, those SMG barrels with the wacky bullets in BL1), but not an entire class, or classes, of useless weapons such as spikers, darts, most splat guns, ect

EDIT: Kind of also hoping class mods are more red text, unique ability geared than just buffing skills

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Crawling with Kraggons and things you could smash to get moonstones - a very lucrative run for those! Oh, and so many oxygen geysers you could rack up airborne challenge counts at the same time.

I want an area like that somewhere in BL3!

Repeatable arena final rounds and runnable bosses/minibosses from the get-go are all good in my book. Not something I’d want to see added only as an update!

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There are some great side quests in BL 2, that’s for sure. They can have multiple objectives that you need to achieve. They can take place in area where the main story doesn’t take you. Or they can have interesting enemies and loot. Or all of it! Some examples:

Cult Following
Perfectly Peaceful
Note for Self-person
Hidden Journals
The Bane, and all the other missions in Lynchwood
The Good, the Bad and the Mordecai

These are just a few of the missions that take you to places that you would otherwise miss, and most of them have interesting enemies and loot.

A mission design that I consider to be really bad, is the one in Clan Wars. Although you get to fight some interesting enemies, and can get some sweet loot, the mission is mainly all about going back and forth between Jimbo and Mick. Run there, drive there, go back, go there… The fights last less than 10 seconds, and the traveling takes more like 10 minutes. :face_vomiting: It’s good XP if you’re leveling, but I skip it every chance I get.

Another example of bad design is the kind we see a lot of in TPS. The kind of design where you pick up the mission, travel to the designated area, kill a handful of trash enemies (and maaaybe a slightly tougher enemy). That’s it! Mission complete, and you turn it in, and get… Crap!

It doesn’t take that much effort to make a badly designed mission a bit more interesting. I know that all of them can’t be fantastic, and that there has to be some missions that are simple and silly. That’s cool! Just don’t make sure that the majority of them are great. Like in BL 2! :wink:

I love these, because STORY! They’re a great way of expanding the story for those who want more, while not making it compulsory for those who are less interested in that aspect of the game. More Hidden Journals/Lost Echoes!


Exactly! There’s something in that mission that makes it interesting.