Favorite type of Borderlands quest/Hopes for 3?

i lik3s th2 m1ss1ons wh3r3 I killz th1ngs & gets l00tz.

But seriously, anything but escort or follow missions is Grand. Oh, and timed missions are right out, I’m too old for that junk.

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So this midget walks into a bar with something that looks like an Infinity Gauntlet…

I don’t like audio logs all that much. They’re a poor way to tell a story in my opinion, and games tend to use them as a crutch. Some characters make sense to have them (eg I can buy Tannis recording all of her notes by dictation) but most of the time it just seems weird that a character has recorded all of their thoughts or secret codes in audio form and then dropped them in a cave behind a waterfall for some reason. The BioShock series is a good example of a game that really overuses them.

As someone who plays a lot of games based on their story, I disagree. There’s nothing more annoying to me than missing out on a piece of the story because I didn’t spot the top of a tape recorder sticking out from under a bench on level 2.

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Honestly, with the way you put it- I definitely see where you’re coming from.

It’s a little too easy to miss a chunk of story when there isn’t really any incentive to find them, or any guidance to where they are when they’re hidden. It’d be nice to have a more accessible source of lore. So yeah, it’s on my hopes list to have some dedicated lore quests for sure. Especially for the player characters.

  • Humor. I love quests that make me laugh. Luckily these games are hilarious.
  • Lore. Quests that tie into the story are great. Like in TPS teaching us how Threshers got to Pandora.
  • Less fetching, more fighting. I prefer to destroy enemies, not collect ■■■■.

I enjoyed the quest in TPS where you construct the first constructor, and that involved some minimal fetching. So, imo, not all fetch quests are bad?

Collecting like 25 of something is a bit of a pain, though.

Another example of a decent item retrieval quest done well was getting the power core back from the camp in Borderlands 2, where it was pretty much “hey go in there and kill all the bandits out of revenge, also 2 of them have items that we need” rather than “hey out of these 40 enemies like 6 of them have things we need, go flounder around trying to find them.”

Some fetching is great when tied in with other objectives but there are a ton of quests that have you picking up menial things and backtracking the map that get very tiresome.

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It just came to me- I enjoy the quests that give you a choice of how to finish them.

  • Giving the bullymong fur to Hammerlock for his hat, or claptrap for his mohawk or whatever he used it for.
  • Giving the thing to Springs and receiving a laser, or throwing it into lava because Torgue is insecure about lasers.

I think it adds an interesting depth to questing, and gives a break from the standard objective formula.

Will there also be another quest to battle Bonerfarts?

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Hah, I mentioned that one earlier. That was an entertaining questline.

@Gulfwulf - that’s what I liked about the actual side quests to hunt them down. If they were just randomly scattered without any associated quest (like the equivalent things in the HALO series) it would be a pain.