Favorite unique or legendary gear?

What is everyone’s favorite legendary or unique gear? Personally my favorites are the flakker, the rubi, and the cradle.

Hornet, Pimpernel, Gwen’s Head, Lascaux, Badaboom.

If by that you mean the gear that I actually use to some degree on all characters: Infinity, Bee, DPUH, GN

Ah The Cradle… wish I could get that working for me. For uniques I really like the RokSalt, and Magic Missiles. And Kittens. Lots of Kittens. I love the Grog Nozzle’s drunk effect but the healing is so large it makes a mockery of normal combat for me, so I don’t use it much.

As to Legendaries, I like the DPUH a lot, don’t squeeze myself into a Bee much these days. I love Sledge’s Shotgun and have recently fallen head over heels in love with the KerBlaster too.

A shield I had never used, ever, until last night. Well, still haven’t used it in BL2, but I used it in TPS last night. Running a new Clappy, found in a locker right before RedBelly. I thought “the Cradle? Ugghh… hmmm… ah what the hell, let’s try it!” The chucked shield was actuallly killing things, I was impressed! This is in NVHM of course, no idea how it scales even in TPS.

Kerblaster’s a good one too, that second grenade puts real work in when someone’s slagged, the magic missle is always nice too for grog healing and for slag.

To name a few:

I have one on my lvl 18 fragtrap too, i’ve never used it past tvhm in 2

Love me a storm front grenade :smiley:

I had a lot of good use out of the cradle in TPS as well - much easier to use in low gravity imo!

The Flame of the Firehawk was my first favorite, as it was my first end game Mechromancer build back when the level cap was 50.
I remember when the DLCs first came out and I was facerolling the Hammerlock one with my Deathtrap spaming novas all around the map, killing savages and stuff.
Good times. Oh my

Now, I could say the Chain Lightning or some Dahl uniques like the Emperor or Gwen’s Head. Thanks, @MidnightNova


Pimpernel and Conference Call

Florentine, Sandhawk, Slagga, Hornet, Butcher, Heart Breaker, Pimpernel, Lyuda, Ogre, Shredifier. If I had to pick a favorite gun, it would be the Lyuda. The Fire Storm is my favorite grenade. The only other ones I use are fastballs and transfusions. I’m very fond of purple Tediore shields like the Cracked Sash.

I’m also a KerBlaster fan. It was my main Axton’s go-to AR until he got an Ogre, but I still love it. It can’t crit but it doesn’t bounce off notorious bullet-reflection a-holes like crystal skeletons and BA-Rex. The first one I ever got was from a loot midget in Tundra Express in TVHM during a Zer0 playthrough and it immediately won me over… that particular gun has now been passed around between countless characters as they get in that level range. :slight_smile:

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The KerBlaster was one of my favourite weapons on Sal back when the game launched. Obviously since then I prefer other things with Sal, but at the time, I knew only a few legendaries and I couldn’t believe how great it was.

Fast forward to now and I love it on Krieg!

Elephant Gun, Rough Rider, and Unforgiven are two my favorite items as of right now. I like Jakobs a whole but even I have favorites in a company I am dedicated to.

I hope we might tempt you into betraying your loyalties and picking up some sexy smooth Maliwan or macho Torgue armaments someday … if I remember correctly even @Adabiviak, lord of the allegiance, has a manufacturer exchange programme :stuck_out_tongue:


Once in a blue moon I get bored and swap manufacturers briefly (legendary grenadier) but I usually go back to Jakobs after about an hour or so of play.

I love the unforgiven.

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Jakobs allegiance Commando, no? I’d turn him loose for his birthday on a few maps with a Fastball, Hail, or Omen (grenade damage available, interesting shot patterns, and it gives him an element to play with).

… makes me want to give Zer0 the Landscaper again: love this.

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