Favorite unique or legendary gear?

Omen, Twister, and Lyuda.

Renaming items does not interest me in the slightest. The phrase “putting lipstick on a pig” comes to mind when one does so.

In addition to some things already named

I struggle a lot with the Hail, I need to get better at using it… the Blockhead is great though. Another gift of the forums, I discounted it before reading commentary here.

I second this, there are plenty of things I didn’t even know existed before coming here!

The arc is tricky but once you get it down it becomes second nature.

An added bonus is becoming familiar with the nuances of ground textures

I’d still be struggling at the beginning of UVHM without the forums


Plants come from the ground. This should thrill you

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I basically took care of Terra with Ultimate Krieg!! using a Hot Hail (was running a Hellborn/Bloodsplosion build IIRC)- it as even effective on Terra’s fire form (although I’m sure that was just the base damage at work and not the fire damage). Try to keep your aim as low as possible and watch the arc while trying to keep your distance for the bullet split- really remarkable weapon in his hands…


[quote=“FunkJunkie, post:26, topic:1560472”]An added bonus is becoming familiar with the nuances of ground textures
[/quote]Ha! What’s funny is that when I play with this gun and am aiming low but looking at the top of the screen for the shots, I have an urge to nod my head down… I need to stop that.

If think you’re a bit too immersed in this game :stuck_out_tongue: And I know the feeling…

It helps a lot having no scope - I actually hold out for scope-less Hails. But then…best gun ever. (I feel like I say this a lot)

All Hail the… erm… Hail!


I didn’t even know it could spawn with a scope until Nova told me about her’s with a Vladof (I think) scope last week