Favorite weapon/item in Borderlands 2?

What’s your favorite item in Borderlands 2? I’ve been dabbling with this myself, trying to figure out a favorite, since there’s a metric buttload of awesome items in this game.

I’d probably have to choose the Blockhead. Never a big fan of Minecraft, but man, that thing knows how to tear things up. :ok_hand:

  1. Quasar
  2. Pimpernel
  3. Big Boom Blaster, because more Quasar [and Fastball]
  4. Legendary Siren
  5. Fastball

Oo, tough one! I’ll have to go with a list too I think…

Rough Rider

So many others though… :slight_smile:

Rough Rider
Legendary Sickle
Legendary Binder

Just to name a few. :dukewhistle:

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Actualizer, just for the red text.


Krieg’s Buzzaxe! :smiley:


Good choice! :wink:

Two things I always try to get for my characters are a good absorb shield and a decent pistol- it’s a weapon used to good effect by all classes so it’s always useful. That being said, my favorites would be The Transformer and an elemental Vladof Anarchist- a great combo for self preservation…

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  1. Krieg’s Buzzaxe (Dynamite attachement)
  2. Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
  3. Rough Rider
  4. Hail
  5. Pimpernel

H.Ms : Fastball, Longbow, Twister, Aquamarine Snider

  1. Unforgiven
  2. Buffalo
  3. Maggie
  4. Orphan Maker
  5. Bekah
  6. Jakobs skins
  7. Cowboy/girl hats
  8. Magic Missiles

Normal drops: Tesla Grenades

Unique: Heartbreaker

Legendary: Harold & Conference Call (tie)

Pearl: Butcher

Non weapon: Legendary Torch Mod


Favorite single item? Man, that’s a hard choice… I’m torn between the Black Hole shield and the Landscaper. I love the nova shield game mechanic, and having a pre-nova singularity makes it that much nicer; it’s like an automatic two-point reversal on the battlefield that you can keep in the bank. The Landscaper lets me do things in the game no other piece of gear can, so I think I’ll go with that.

Surprised you didn’t go with the Retcher :stuck_out_tongue:

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ay mccree

Jacobs snipers with Valdof barrels and everything else Jacobs - can’t remember the name.
Striker - an underwhelming SG - but I love it.
Crit SMG - it actually per-shot crits higher than a similarly kitted shock Bitch. Yes its usefulness dies off in higher levels.
Magic Missiles.
Love Thumper (for Krieg).
Big Badaboom - Leeloo Dallas multi-pass
Pandemic - for places like Ore Chasm pop off a few shots with a slag Pimp and throw a few grenades and HIDE (I’m a coward sometimes)
Fibber (with Bee…and Gaige)
Orphan Maker
I didn’t list the obvious ones - cause they’re obvious

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Huh, yeah ? Are you playing an OP8 Krieg with a Roid Shield ?

Nope - UVHM - haven’t gotten around to OPing him. But probably still will - without Silence the Voices obviously.

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You know, maybe if I read the topic, I’d answer properly : one item : MM’s. They’re the one item I use on all characters

Melee Krieg without StV is really bad, even with a Roid Shield.

It maybe would work with the Bladed Grog Nozzle and the Rapier, but if you want to build a viable Melee Krieg just get the Rough Rider, the Sheriff’s Badge and the Legendary Sickle, these are the only items you need :slight_smile:. You’ll also want to get 10/5 StV and FtB, since they are his main DPS skills. Giving up StV is complete suicide.

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Yep - I hear ya. I’ve got a RR but just never used it. Shall do - Thanks
Plus I better get his ass into OP