Favorite weapon poll

I didn’t see this on BL2 news or here so I guess it might not be mentioned here which is a bit weird.

I found this on FB Borderlands site.


I’d imagine such data is used to determine what weapons (or similar designs) might make a comeback next time around.

I don’t expect people to tell what they vote for but just for fun I went:

  • Sniper
  • Vladof
  • Lyuda (because it’s Droog on drugs) and Pimpernel because it’s so unconventional and different (being very effective helps too).

I went …

  • Sniper

  • Maliwan

  • Pimpernel … Just for it’s usefulness across all VH’s

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I stopped at shotgun :confused:


That survey was unusually limited in its scope. :confused:

Troll mode…ENGAGE!

Shotgun, DAHL, Slagga! :smiley:

Pretty sure I did Hyperion, Shotgun & stopped.

I did Jakobs and Shotgun, then pretty much wrote an essay about what weapons I like across the board refusing the note a favorite