Favourite Battle Zones?

Across all 3 titles, please list your favourite places to kill mobs!

Borderlands 1:

Crimson Fastness
Salt Flats
Rust Commons West/East
Hyperion Dump
Jakobs Cove Werewolf Coast / Church area
That area before Fort Knoxc
Krom’s Canyon

Borderlands 2:

1000 Cuts
Sawtooth Cauldron
Circles of Slaughter
Magnus’ Lighthouse
Oasis Underground Water Caves
Tiny Tina Giant Castle Outdoor Battlements Area
The Forge
Almost anywhere in Hammerlock’s DLC
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
Steam & Power Plant (assassins place)
Digistruct Peak

The Pre Sequel:

Anywhere there are Kraggons!!!
Lunar Launching Station
Clappy Fyrestone
Clappy Overlook
Clappy Subconscious
Industrial Facility / Robot Plant
Shock Drop Pit
Scranton’s Liver

BL1: Rust Commons West.

That’s it. That is the only place I truly enjoy mobbing. I LOVE Spiderants in BL1, and that’s the only map that gives me any sort of challenge with them.

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Picking one of each only:
I’ll second Rust Commons West for BL1
Caustic Caverns for BL2
Research and Development for TPS (although I’m still exploring some of the new DLC maps in depth, so this could change).

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Caustic Caverns!

Hells yeah!

Everyone loves the Caverns. I never liked it that much. Threshers and Varkids are two of the four enemies that annoy me the most, and they populate most of the map. :confused: Also, fear of Creepers…

I guess if I had to pick a favorite map from BL2, it would be Frostburn Canyon.

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That’s s great spot!

So many Goliaths!

And free Lascaux!

Screw the Goliaths, I’m talkin’ 'bout love tubbies. Tubby spiderants, gimmie your coms!

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Oh, and to clarify:

My original post were not, like, a list of choices you guys must choose from, just my personal favourite combat spots.

A lot for all games.

But I guess the closest is… Caustic Caverns. Dat music.

old haven
the dust
shock drop slaughter pit/vorago solitude/sub-conscious
that being said, 1 & 2 had really great mobbing areas and TPS not so much :disappointed:
but still a fun a game :grin:
oh and R&D :smile:

Cant believe i forgot The Dust!

I really enjoy Overlook in TPS. The battle music reminds me of something out of the Tekken series. = ]

I used to love farming the Dust! So many potential legendary drops across 6 or so mini bosses AND Tubbies!

My favorite in BL2 was probably the Bloodshot Stronghold, though. Loved taking Kreig through that map.

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I loved Overlook and Fyrestone in TPS and BL 2. Battle music and Ambient were good.

Oh and, Helios. Everywhere on it.

There’s still more.

BL1: Umm… yes? I guess for farming/general mobbing I’d say probably either Sander’s Gulch (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s in DLC 4 and have Cluck-Trap) or the area right outside Taylor Kobbs’ place or Old Haven.
BL2: Caustic Caverns or The Dust. Love both of them.
BL TPS: Hmm… I like it all but I guess anywhere that has enemy variety is my preference so the areas like those around the Robot factory are my fav.

Nothing so satisfying as killing the entireity of RK5’s Arena, even if it doesnt really count due to the boss. Otherwise, Badass kraggons, as many as spawn, and then some more.

Must revive thread. PUNCHING Brick + Dead Haven + Cannibal Corpse’s cover of Zero the Hero = pure bliss.


I didn’t now 9 days was a “revive”.
Good area you mentioned at any rate :slight_smile:

“Revive” as in no one was caring about this thread anymore.

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You used a Phoenix Down on it!