Favourite city,where do you want to go?

Which city do you want to visit??

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This popped into my head bizarrely quickly : Varanasi.

I have no idea why my brain decided this was my favourite city and one to which I’d like to go back to. Maybe it’s the bhang lassis :stuck_out_tongue:

City? Apparently I’m a bit of a hick, as when I think of traveling, it’s invariably to see some natural phenomenon. That said, Kyoto is wonderful if for no other reason than the locals are uncannily polite, the moss gardens are a favorite, and the city is clean (I’m going back in September :blush:).

Reykjavík is the only other city that’s on my radar as a city I want to visit… hear very good things about the local culture.

I read the title’s “where do you want to go” part, and my mind instantly went to this :smirk::

Dawnstar (50 gold)
Falkreath (50 gold)
Markarth (20 gold)
Morthal (50 gold)
Riften (20 gold)
Solitude (20 gold)
Whiterun (20 gold)
Wildhelm (20 gold)
Winterhold (50 gold)

“Ever been to Markarth? Some say it was built by the dwarves. I don’t believe a word of it though.”

-Every carriage driver in Skyrim, upon selecting “Markarth”

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Naples, for the Pizza. XD

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