Favourite ficitional character?

For me it is:

Form TV it is Iroh from Avatar
And from games it is Asgore from Undertale

They are pretty similar in character if you compare them both


Hmm… That is hard… My mind went blank…

For me it wasn’t difficult… both of them are joyfull fluffy bears who drink tea and like to talk (And both have a pretty sad backstory)

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This is way too vague for me to answer. I can give maybe my favorite protaganist, antagonist… actually even there, its pretty vague.

Then let’s say: Who has a personality that strikes your intrest the most?

I know it’s pretty vague… but it was just a fun little question that should be answered with the first thing that comes to your mind not something you should think about for an hour ]: 3>

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Well actually that eases up a bit.

In protagnists, I’m a big fan of the “off the cuff” style - Indiana Jones, Atomic Robo, Ford Prefect (Hitchhikers guide).

In antagonists, im a big fan of the magnificent bastards and the insane - Tarquin (order of the stick), Dr. Dinosaur (Atomic Robo), The Monarch (Venture Bros.), Black Mage (8-bit theater)… well the last one is pretty obvious.

Heroic Antagonists - Honorous Jorg Ancranth (Prince of Throrns), Deadpool, Magneto

Points at user icon

If I could only choose one it is her, A.B.A…

Actually now that you bring it up, is your icon a very sad gaige or something I dont know?

I think it is part of a wallpaper…

Well its obviously part of an external art if nothing else. I just always assumed it was a sad gaige.

If you mean @0takuMetalhead, it must be from this:

Huh, wow. Is that… still gaige, something original, or something I just dont know about?

No idea. Just found it in the PC wallpaper thread…


A+ for digging up a old post.

Here is the info you need


You learn something every day.

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Where is my badge? :wink:


Closest thing I could find for digging up an old image.

Tell @JoeKGBX to make one! :wink:

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My favourites are
Guts from BERSERK

Alucard from Hellsing

and Invader Zim :slight_smile:

though I really love Iroh from Avatar too! He´s a very well written character!

PS: I excluded Vaulthunter and Battleborn. They are above “the list” ^^


Would be unfair if I did mention Gaige. Some in the community know how much I like the Mechro. Haha.
But yeah, previous mentioned character is my absolute favorite when not talking about BL.
Also, kudo’s for Invader Zim.

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