Favourite Fl4k weapons?

I’m starting to get more into Fl4k. Tried the buffed King / Queen’s Call over the weekend and found it pretty awesome since it maximises crits, does splash damage and can do life steal. Any other guns you’d recommend which are fun on Fl4k? The gear topic is sadly a little outdated.

Weapons that are somehow uniquely fun with FL4K, as opposed to, “Plasma Coil go brrr”?

Try Stauros’ Burn - pair this with Fuzzy Math and an amp shield, and when you roll combustion, there’s an orgasmic few seconds of almost invincibility with constant amp damage as long as you’re hitting an enemy.


It has been consolidated and moved:

It is fairly up to date.

Also, here’s your resource for all things FL4K. Builds, gear, …

Unfortunately there isn’t really much in terms of weapons that FL4K can make viable that nobody else can.

As Far as actual gun builds I usually ran a Fade Away build that tried to take full advantage of crit hits. My 3 primary weapons were the Plaguebearer, Reflux and Monarch. While I realize all 3 of these are pretty much nO dUh answers they also have some crit synergy with FL4K via Megavore and Fade Away that isn’t as accessible for other characters. Also the Reflux has awesome synergy with the bonus Corrosive damage from Interplanetary Stalker.

Edit: the only piece of gear that comes to mind with a unique synergy with FL4K is the Hunter Seeker grenade. While holding an Unforgiven or Guardian Angel these things can wreck face.


one pump chump with … supreme heresy ! fade away accuracy anoint , you can rapid fire with pinpoint accuracy


I don’t use it much anymore, but I loved Tigg’s Boom on FL4K just to see all the critical hits signs pop up on the meteors.


I’d say the Reflux definitely has “special” synergies with Fl4k and it’s a mandatory piece of gear for a lot of builds. I don’t use the Reflux on any other characters although they definitely can make it work - but not like it does with Fl4k. Not only does it cool down your action skill as needed via the beams and Head Count, but it also does massive damage, can crit via Megavore, and shoots forever due to Leave No Trace.

So the Reflux has special Fl4k synergies that make it both a DPS beast AND a utility weapon. Plus the mechanic is just really cool in general IMO.

The Clairvoyance is really cool on Fl4k also because of the way the ricochet mechanic works with Megavore, it can clear whole rooms. I find it to be best on Fl4k out of the 4 VHs.

The Breath of the Dying also is a beast, but it’ll kill you. I still can’t figure out if the splash orbs can crit via Megavore, but I don’t think so. Maybe someone else knows. Fl4k has synergy with this weapon because the pet allows you to be a little more strategic with long-range use, which the weapon requires because otherwise you will down yourself with the orbs.


Sounds great, guys. Many of these I’m already aware of, but I’m now tempted to do a Dahl allegiance build with the Breath of the Dying, Blood-Starved Beast and co. Hyperion may well be the most underrated manufacturer in the game, so many great legendaries in there. Also might try out the Cosmic Stalker sometime. Mostly been using the Bounty Hunter and the Stackbot, from what I can work out, seems a little too buggy to work out the exact mechanics.

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@damien_hine A Dahl Company Man build with the Hail, Kaoson (which I prefer to the Blood Starved Beast and it’s easier to get a good one also), Hornet, and another weapon of your choosing is a strong build.

Make sure you get Dahl crit on your COM, obviously. If you hold the Hail, have Dahl crit on your COM, use a Company Man with Dahl crit, and use the Hunter-Seeker grenade, you can clear a room REALLY quickly. It wrecks. Remember that the Hail comes in both 150 and 175% crit bonuses, if you’re a min-maxer you’ll want the 175%, but it’s not really necessary with all that crit damage. Actually kind of insane to watch in action on Fl4k. Fl4k has several grenade builds that do serious work.

EDIT: The Hornet is really underrated and a great pistol choice for Dahl allegiance, it’s a great weapon IMO. As a single-pellet weapon, it’s even better with the Infernal Wish, but you may or may not be running Infernal Wish with a Company Man setup.

And of course you also have the Soulrender.


Jakobs mashers and shotguns are extremely powerful with FL4K, due to Megavore, Jakobs’ crit bonuses, and the Jakobs ricochet effect.

Everyone only thinks of Megavore in terms of sniping, but you’d be surprised how well the 20% anywhere crit chance works with fast ARs, too. The Kaos, the Shredifier, the Soulrender etc.