Favourite none meta guns

what are some of you guys favourite guns in the game even ones you love using that are great to meh but for some reason you love using them mine would have to be Dahl snipers and the hunt series of jacobs sniper rifles with no scopes

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I don’t know which guns are “meta”. I like to use the Ogre on my Bottomless Mags Moze.

My Zane uses only Infinity pistols. That’s probably considered a weak choice. Still don’t have the elements I want…


So basicly both extremely none meta lol I find myself having issues using the ogre never bothered with the infinity after b2 when I realised it made the infinity symbol I have a bottomless mechanised vladof/Hyperion moze I should try the ogre out on her again

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Any Alien guns…the barrels with the eyes look so cool…

Queen’s/King’s Call
Rowan’s Call


Yeah I need to farm a few kings queens calls for my three fl4ks lol so hard to use in combat but man I love them they remind me of a big ol’ handcannon

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I don’t know if they’re meta or not, but I really like the ION LASER and Face-puncher.

I just love sellout…for reasons

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OOF here we go

List is judged by pure gun power/mechanics without annointments

sleeping giant
dahl snipers
DP occultist
boring gun
Quasar smg
dahl/vladog/torgue alien barrel ARs
host shotgun
hell walker
hornet it sucks but sounds cool #buff hornet ffs
COV repeaters like holey man x2/x3
low pallet count torgue shotties
wagon wheel
monocle! it is effin unplayable due to zoom depth but what can i do i still love it
AAA/9 volt
sawbar very weak and hard to use unlike it’s bl2 counter part but still love it
b1tch it is like the weakest smg in the world even if you hit all crits but i love the way it sounds and the fire rate is on point #buff biach smg

i do be liking moloko a bit but it can not hold a candle to bl2 big brother

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Jericho + Red Suit shield

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antimatter rifles
host shotguns
carbuncle pistols

alien-barreled weapons in general, i guess

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The Hornet, Faisor and Ruby’s Wrath all come to mind. The recent buffs have been kind to me. Looking forward to some more!

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I like the Vladof “Creech” line of pistols. Had one that did Corrosive and Shock, then on ASE Rad. Of course it fell thru the floor on Sanctuary.

Also, Jakobs “Masher” pistols. Had one replace my sweet Maggie for a couple of weeks.

Bone Shredder and Cloud Kill

My favorite one to mail everyone is:

Yall know the real name of Eminem?




Pistol is dope, but doesn’t sound like Marshall Mathers :wink:

  • Q-Systems. Always have one, my go-to weapon the everything else fails. Replaces my Lyudas from BL2.
  • Lucky 7. My favorite DLC weapon. When you roll the right buffs, destroys all. If not, fire one shot & reload to try again.
  • Night Hawkin. Fire rate is king, and the cryo doesn’t hurt either.


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  1. Maliwan Quasars cuz lasers (sorry Mr. Torgue)
  2. Hyperion Hosts cause they’re just fun and can crit for some reason
  3. Jakobs Gatling/Masher AR’s even though the Masher’s seem stupid rare
  4. Torgue Carbuncles even though damage to ammo consumption is pretty low, they’re still cool
  5. Maliwan Terminators/Shockwaves just cause they’re fun to mess around with.

I’d like to see more purples able to spawn with manufacturer unique qualities like Jakobs has mashers. Like getting a double anarchy in bl1. Maybe on maliwan there could be elemental puddle spawn prefixes or Hyperion could have an overshield prefix that gives a Zane like barrier when you ads. Something that would make some purples even more sought after, but stays to true to bl3 weapon gimmicks.


Burzum. Preferably Cryo, with SNTL Cryo (Zane) or ASE Cryo.


  1. Lucian’s Call, really cool looking gun with a nice special effect.
  2. The Duc, that feeling when you know you’re going to kill your target that has a sticky on his head.
  3. DAHL pistols, specially when it has the scope on the side.
  4. Shredifier, fire rate power!