Favourite (not best!) Action Skills?

Ok, so, im not talking about which are necessarily rhe BEST character abilities or skills, but just the ones that you may find esoecially cool / amusing / fun?

I am mainly bringing this up because i have just in this past week discovered Pirate Ship Mode and Torque (with a Q, always!) Fiesta with my Clappy.

I still have yet to see his right hand game changers but, damn, Pirate Ship mode is SOOO EPIC!

The 1812 overture blasting triumphantly as you blast cryo’d enemy groups into icy mist, or cause their corpses to fly like ragdolls off into the atmosphere

Come to think of it, i love every Clappy action package except for his melee one (although even there the eerie silence / whispers / Krieg-esque quotes are awesome) or his giant exploding bomb package (cool concept, fun to watch, super annoying in combat).

His skills have so many references and humour and variety!

Easily my favourite character to play as!

I really like Aurelia’s cold as ice (how it looks and the constant ice and snow following you), the Digi Jacks look SO GOOd, and Wolf / Saint are beautiful to wstch.

Athena’s shield is effective but deadly boring and Nisha’s skill is powerful and interesting at firsr but booooring to see again and again all the time alwayzzzzzz…

Hmm tough one. I’m stuck between Berserk, Scorpio Turret, & Blood Wing :sob:

Phaselock would be my fav but it’s probably “too good” for this list.

Oh damn yeah let’s do akl three titles!

Adding in Krieg’s Super Mutant, Phasewalk, Flame-Winged Elemental Sirens, and Phaselock.

And a skill can be all powerful, im just talking about kind of asthetics and looks and creativity of skills versus combat effectiveness.

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Easy number one is Buzz Axe Rampage: funny lines, good in gameplay (throwing the axe for example), good mechanic overall, great style, super-funny.

Number two would be Deception: just for the style, really. And the B0re-additions are great, look-wise. And Zeros jokes and lines are the best of the whole franchise if you ask me.

I really love Zero’s haikus and emotes…

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And yeah for sheer fun of listening to great dualogue alone Krieg and Clappy are my faves…

Not a skill, but he Firehawk’s shields constant novas are so fun tonwatch!

Hmm. Hard decision. D:

Lilith: Become invisible and invincible, electrocute everything while in Phasewalk, 800% melee damage increase, then a corrosive nova to weaken everything around me and daze them.
Roland: Corrode stuff for me and, more importantly, free ammo.
Brick: I PUNCH the maggot. BL1 gore makes this much more fun.
Modecai: Attack 6 times, daze them, make them drop extra health and ammo, and return my health to full.

Axton: Slag, missles, and an increase to my own damage when out.
Maya: “Shut. Up.” Slag, healing, and singularity.
Salvador: Two guns. The raid killer. Also, two grenades for the price of one.
Zer0: Invisible, regen health, faster movement, and massive damage bonus.
Gaige: Mobile aggro, elemental swipes, and a cool-ass laser.

Athena: Immune to damage, absorb elements, reflect bullets, inflict status effects, decapitation.
Wilhelm: One attacks everything, one heals you and regens ammo.
Claptrap: Random as hell. Some weak, some ultra-powerful.
Nisha: The ultimate f*ck off button.
Timothy: Missle shooting badasses, or kill skill buff pinatas.
Aurelia: The ultimate mobbing skill. My UVHM co-op with Flames showed me so.

So hard to pick… All are great in their own way…

1st - Bloodwing.

  • With Bird of Prey, Aerial impact and Out For Blood

2nd - Deception.

  • With Death Blossom, Execute and Many Must Fall.
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The action skills are too closely tied to a character to only liek them on their own, at least that is what it is like to me. Also I can’t really judge by any artistic or ‘mental’ standards, but rather by looking at a skills effect. But here goes:

I really like maya’s phaselock. Its not just because how you pick out an enemy and he can not do anything against you as he will be encapsulated in your bubble for the next few seconds and the feeling of power you get from that, but also because the animation feels … credible. Just like Bulletstorm’s electric whip this movement of her arm makes the skill feel more powerful. Add to that the amazing slag capabilities and the unparalleled crowd control awesomeness of converge and you’ve got yourself one fine action skill.

Salvador isn’t really useful for his action skill but for his other skills. Also, if there were no pimpahab or DPUH so you would have to actually aim, he’d suck.

Axton has his moments when you stand right in between your two fully upgraded turrents - a feeling of power only rivalled by krieg, who doesn’t need any tools (besides his axe) to wreak havoc on the entire planet.

Gaige didn’t do it for me. I am not the robot kind of person and the visual and gameplay glitches of deathtrap along with her distinct weakness in every regard as long as you don’t have 200+ stacks of anarchy made me dispose of her as soon as I finally got her to OP8, a goal I set myself for every character.

Zer0, just as krieg, becomes attractive because of his melee capabilites, at least to me. There is nothing better than to swiftly sprint from one enemy to another and leave only dead bodies behind. That is the whole idea behind melee - going up to someone to fight them, making it close and personal. The added benefit of not getting hit and enemies being confused is just the topping. Sniping isn’t for me and it doesn’t emphasize on his action skill all that much, kunai and that’s it.

In the presequel, I like the characters for their character and don’t have a specific preference for action skills. I do however dislike athena’s shield. I still get killed a lot and the enemies shoot me only when my shield is down so I by no chance have accumulated enough damage on the aspis to kill something with the throw. I also see flaws in captain america’s choice of weaponry, so it’s not exclusive to her. Also her melee is worse than zero’s, especially because her action skill doesn’t revolve around it as much.

Nisha’s action skill is more of a real ‘skill’ than the other characters’ abilities (digistruct technology, shield, drones etc) and the color change is nice at first but can turn bad and visually obstructing pretty fast. Wilhelm’s drones are superb, healz, aggro draw and even a function to let wolf attack a certain enemy - a pet class in perfection. Jack again is appealing mainly due to his character and other skills, namely leadership, although (in my experience) his jacks get things done much quicker than wolf does. Aurelia’s skill is nice but that is mainly due to cryo being as awesome as it is. Not much love for any of the action skills in tps for me.

You might be wondering why I left out claptrap. That is due to my decision to treat him the way the game describes him - a mistake. I seriously loathe half his action packages and his other ones like pirate ship mode or gun wizard sadly can’t make up for that.

tl;dr - I don’t specifically like TPS’s action skills and I like deception with melee, krieg as a whole, and phaselock.

Nisha’s Showdown has to be my favorite … even over the random Pirate Ship mode.

Nisha is only my 3rd favorite character, but I really like her Showdown dialog comments.

Personally I’m loving athena. Complete immunity to frontal damage and starts shield (with celestial mod) and health regen.

Then there’s the throw, which if you stacked some elements can dot nearly everything in the room. Add on clear and zeus wraths and the thing is just beast.

With celestial mod you can keep it up 60% of the time.

So much fun. Also it can absorb THE EYE OF HELIOS. athena op.

Absorb the Eye?!?


Berserk, Buzz Axe Rampage and Gunzerking.

I made a lot of weird threads last night when i couldn’t sleep!

Thanks for the replies, guys!

The real eye, not the one E0S uses.

Yes, when does that happen?

In Eye to Eye, when you enter the barrel of the gun, Jack tells you not to go into it when its firing. All characters die except Athena. She can raise her shield and the damage will be absorbed.

A laser that makes a HUGE red area on a moon, absorbed by a shield. (not sure if you noticed it, but at the beginning of the game, the Moon has some cracks only. When you return to Helios, you see a giant circle with lava around it, and the area where the Laser fires is full of lava) (also there are more cracks)

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Base Action Skills: Bloodwing, Phaselock, Aspis

Upgraded Action Skill:
Bloodwing - BECAUSE REASONS!!!

lvl 72 Axton Turrets - dual-laser-shielded-maglock-slag-rocket/nuke too much awesome and i may be forgetting skills


Yep, walk into the tube while it’s firing (against jack’s advice) with your shield up. Your shield will get charged (with shock damage) and you’ll take no damage.