Favourite (not "best") TPS main character?

Who is everyone’s favourite TPS character based not on combat capabilities but on personallity and dialogue?

For me, it’s always been Clappy.

Even more so after the DLC!

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Out of the new VHs my favorite is Wilhelm.

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Nisha. I would say Athena also, but I’m starting to not like her character much anymore…

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Yeah, that latest Lilith thread showed me Athena in a whole new light…

Very hard too choose.

Each PC has specific dialog(s) that I just love to hear:

  • Aurelia - “I’ll slap you into a higher tax bracket!”
  • Timmothy - “Jack has big dreams, and I have student loans.”
  • Nisha - “I hereby swear not to tell anyone the slutty clown is also a
    slutty mechanic.”

I guess I’ll go with Claptrap. As bothersome as he can be, his “in it for the friendship” attitude gives him the nod over the others.


Yeah, Athena was better when she had no teeth.

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Wilhelm. Because Wilhelm. As well as world’s best backstory.

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Athena is my favorite character followed closely by Aureila.

Hey what’s this Lilith thread your talking about?

This one:

Uh wait let me fix that


I just adore Jack. Even before Game Theorie’s video, I had my own theory, that he might be the true hero. Also, I just love his attitude.

From a gameplay point of view: Wilhelm. LASERS FTW!

Toss-up between Nisha and Wilhelm.

Athena is cool but Wilhelm and Nisha are even cooler. Claptrap is funny sometimes but ehhh, I’m not sure I’d want to hang with him.

Athena, I love how uncomfortable she sounds, especially with Janey’s flirting! To be honest they all have some really fun dialog.

Dr. Ted, cause he is a nice guy. During TPS he was busy making the Goliaths we all know and love. Next up in TPS is angel. Then Athena, then Jack.

/It’s Clappy!/We’re happy! Or some such thing.

I like playing the “crazy” VHs, so my nod goes to Claptrap. For me, he’s up there with Brick and Krieg in regards to how unpredictable he can be.

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yeh, but certain new dlc suggests another angle over lilith.

my favorite is nisha so far. athena’s melee tree feels leaden, but i haven’t really put much time into her.

nisha is just armegeddon

What angle? Lilith calling Athena a good little soldier or Lilith apologizing to Athena? I don’t think there was any other significant dialog from Lilith besides that.

from star wars: there is another.

haven’t you done the clap trap dlc?

Jack. Nisha is just showdown, shoot everything in sight, pick up loot. Athena is throw storm fronts, swap to nukem, shoot everything in sight, claptrap is just shoot them with a ravager, and i never much liked wilhelm or aurelia.