Favourite reload style

Like the title says what is your favourite reload style when it comes to all bl3 weapons

Uhhh, as fast as possible? :wink:

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lol I mean revolver sniper style stripper clip what kind of reload animation do you love lol

Dahl assault rifles where the magazine is flipped before attaching to the gun

Hmm need to check that out any specific dahl?

The Unforgiven style.


Ooh nice you got taste mate :smiley:

That’s a slick one. But I like the Infinity the best.

I really hate Hyperion SMGs, it just feels soooo slow for some reason.

lol infinity doesn’t reload might have miss worded it lol I ment what is you favourite reload animation lol

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Classic doom reference, as an old school fps amateur love the animation


Ok so I may have sold my soul for that reload good thing is the doom slayer got it back for me lol :wink:

LOL, sorry, I was being a smart ass. But I do like the unforgiven. There’s another pistol that’s similar, might be from a DLC, and vastly underpowered which is why I don’t use it. But it’s cool too. Here’s a clip of it, Jakobs I think (along with several others, Unforgiven is at 00:20).

@olivier_shady Oh yeah, I really like the Hellwalker on my new Zane build. He can reload so fast that it’s practically an automatic. Still need to tweak the build, but it’s fun.

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oh yeah, that’s dead chamber, vanilla version of lucky seven, cool animation.

For the lulz I like the unending magnificent completely ridiculous animation where you painstakingly put 3 clips in one reload

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lol sorry didn’t realise you were screwing around lol funny thing is on what you said before though I actually love Hyperion reloads I love the kinda gear like set up how they pull the mag in to reload

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lol funny thing is talking about jakobs I’m watching the awesome john Wayne movie Eldorado lol

I think any of the Dahl Assault rifles can spawn with the specific part that gives the cool little “flipping the magazine” on reload animation.

I’ve noticed it on the Kaos mainly… but that’s because that’s my favorite Dahl Assault Rifle

Yeah I think there’s a legendary dahl pistol that does that like eject flip the grip and reload

lol hey man btw a great reload that actually goes with you being a smart ass the slow reload despite looking cool is the seventh sense

*edit the purple version before quest completion of individual bullet chambering

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The CoV ones where you “repair” it in the field. The squirt gun and oil can are my favorites.

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I like all the Jakobs reloads the best. Visually.

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