Favourite Taunt or Character Animation?

My favourite taunt would be Foxtrot’s Tea Ceremony, fav animation would be in the detailing of Marquis’s Bindlebane when he activates Bindleblast. Opinions?


Tea Ceramony for best taunt; favorite animation is Whiskey foxtrot in the character select menu, when he accidentally knocks the magazine out of his gun, and then shakes his head in that disgusted “the s**t i put up with” manner.

Also, where would you place the Sentry’s Middle Finger taunt (which i have STILL yet to see outside of a youtube video, unfortunately)?


Just below Tea Ceremony but ahead of Toby’s ninja moves. The fact that it’s a machine, winding up its finger like a machine, makes it twice as funny.


Ah, so you like “hang time” too? It’s the commentary i love:

“It’s alright, you’ll do better next time!”

“***YES!!***” (As if Toby accomplished some great feat).

“Are you okay?!”

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Hahaha. His line when dropping a mine though - "I left something here for you! It’s a cake! I swear! I SWEAR!


Seen Pendles’ Puppet show taunt (not sure if it is called that). It amuses me the most.


Taunt is Pendles puppet show.
Animation is Ernest running

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Ernest running is pretty funny, but I have to go for Reyna’s sprint animation. If you’ve ever done the “R3tard Run” on old school CoD (looking upwards while holding a pistol and sprinting) it just reminds me of that.

If you haven’t heard of that, look it up - it’s hilarious.


-knowing smile- Alright… I’ve got this:

Toby: “FEAR ME!! …please? When you’ve got a sec.”

Toby: "Keep it up, death machine!"
Toby (slightly deeper voice); "You got it, Toby."
Toby: "Death machine, you TALK?!"
Toby (deeper voice): "I sure do."
Toby: “WOW!!”

Toby: “Hey, other team; i left something here for you! It’s a cake, i swear! I SWEAR!!”

Toby (singing): “Safe N’ Sound. Back at base. Me and DEATH MACHINE!!”

Toby: “Knock knock, a**hole! Oh, God- SORRY FOR SWEARING!!”

Toby: “Wait until my therapist hears about THIS!”

Toby: Courage! Optimism! Rivers of blood! Teamwork!"

I could go on…


That one is awesome!

Oh… I member that! I hope it’s in the remake!

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His Flightless Fury taunt - “BURN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SH*T Oh man I am so sorry for cursing oh man”

No no, he says:

Toby: “…BURN, YOU F**K-Oh, geez; i am SO sorry for cursing, oh man!”

My mistake. Must have misheard it.

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Close enough; as most anyone here will tell you, i’m a Toby junkie, and take it too seriously. I say that’s BUNK; PURE BUNK!!

-Goes back to personal Toby shrine-

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Ahahahahhha. Your profile picture is enough proof. =D

F**K, i forgot his BEST comment!

Toby: “Go ahead, call me cute; SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!”
-cute hiccuping sound-


Also Orendi is apparently in love with Toby, which is weird and hilarious. Side note, have you seen her new taunt?

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Yep, it’s okay, but her “Hand Puppet Theater” is still best, in my opinion. I wish i had it… -sobs-


Ahahahah that may take a while. I recently bought Montana’s Summer Vacation skin (it turns a minigun into a SUPER SOAKER, for goodness sake. what’s not to like?) and promptly after that got his “Twinkle Toes” taunt out of a pack.

So now I’ve managed to turn a gigantic super soldier into a ballerina with a water gun.