Favourite TPS Character?

Can be NPC’s and playable, I’m pretty curious to what people’s opinions are.

Moxxi, Bubbles n’ birds, Bubbles n’ birds!


NPC’s will be forever and always Mr Torgue.

Playable Characters? Tim for gameplay and being an original personality

Wilhelm close second for action movie style one-liners


Yeah one of my all-time favourite characters to play is Tim/Jack

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Hmm NPC: would be Crazy Earl “WHATCHU WANT???”

playable character would be Nisha…she’s a female Kreig(mentally)

Favourite character to play as is definitely Nisha - I find that she is the most OP as well.

Favourite NPC is probably Tiny Tina - Nearly everything she says makes me laugh. They should make her playable just for a joke, it would be so much fun.

Favourite playable character is Nisha. For both gameplay and her lines.

Favourite NPC: Jack.

Honorable mention: Peepot (The Great Empty Billabong). I love his voice and intonation.

Mr. Torque high-five Flexington.


Speaking of Peepot, I swear the Jolly Swagman has the exact same voice actor as the Merrif?

That actually happened in this game, only it was clap trap who got the nod to be playable.
I recall a few people, or maybe just one person many times, saying they wanted to play as clap trap.
The same goes for the ice element in this game. There’s someone around here with a comment in their signature about waiting for ice weapons to make it to Pandora.

Wait, that means that GBX actually listens to, more importantly, they entertain the ideas from the community. So why all the nerfs? bug fixes like the celestial lawbringer com I can understand no problem. But just hitting the game with a nerf bat is beyond me. What’s more, it kinda shows a poor level of game testing prior to the game being sold.
And again, if GBX would like another tester, I humbly submit my application. I can start in March

now that you mention it… yes, the resemblance is uncanny

They do actually. Richard carter also does drango bones. Hell Stephanie young is nisha and Sereena.,

Really? Serena and Nisha sound pretty much nothing alike. Yet again, Robot - Human.

Timothy is voiced by Master Roshi.

That spelling error is inexcusable! APOLOGIZE!

Torque is about physics and stuff.

Torgue is for explosions!

In TPS it’s Nisha, in Borderlands it’s Tiny Tina.

Least favorite: RNGesus. Even though he smiled down on me today with a new 58 Maggie on my first grind attempt.

Nice! I’m personally trying for an 88 Fragnum. I’ll try again tomorrow, probably.

Physics makes explosions possible.

Athena or Peepot

I like Tannis, her lines always crack me up…so condescending. TPS - undecided at this point.

Playable, I want to like Nisha, her writing is excellent. But related to the voice acting dicsussion above, I find it annoying during co-op that Nisha and Athena sound so much alike and I often can’t tell who said what. Could they not have given Nisha more of a southern drawl or something?

I understand that they originally appeared in separate games where it wasn’t an issue and for continuity of each character, changing the voice would have been strange.
But allowing them to sound so much alike seems like a missed opportunity to come up with a creative solution to differentiate their voices.