Favourite TPS Character?


When Nisha talks, she pretty much always says something sadistic, while Athena is the opposite.

Oh yeah? Well sometimes Athena says that she is grossed out by something, for example when killing an enemy with a critical hit. But then again, try bloodrushing an enemy… BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!

Maybe thats only because of the german localization, but I feel they have made Athena suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder, laughing at one cruel deed and then frowning at the next one as she thinks it’s too brutal.

Back on topic, my favourite in TPS both gameplay and character-wise would have to be Timothy. His character is nicely fleshed out, he doesn’t want to be Jack and everything that stands for, but sometimes his life gets to him (in a killing spree: “Hahahaa! Oh, what am I doing here??”). After that comes Janey, because she’s nice but also has a nice touch of weirdness to her. I love the last one of her child story echos and her comment about it.

Tim for playable characters, definitely!

NPC’s in tps… well Dr What’shisname the on that only shouts everything. “OH THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M MUCH CALMER NOW.” He’s so horrendously over the top that I laugh the entire time he’s speaking.

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Dr Torres is like the Flakker was in BL2, you either hated it or you loved it. I like him too, but he plays too small of a role to warrant a pick as top character in TPS. Torgue also had too little to say and what he said were three things: lasers are stupid, he actually had a guitar, and the writer(s) (did anthony Burch write TPS like he did BL2?) made a point about the ‘meme’ of the friendzone.

Also did anyone else get rather annoyed by Tina during TVHM or UVHM? In Attack on Dragon Keep she was nice and did stuff, especially to the story and waypoints and surroundings, but in TPS her commentary feels a little lackluster to me. Maybe that was all they could do to spice up the story after normal mode, and maybe I’m just not too fond of someone crashing a story (even though it is technically at least the second time you hear it).

NPC: Janey Springs. I totally loved her and I hope to see her in the future with Athena giving quests and S#it.
Playable Character: Claptrap. It’s totally random and playing it solo is harder than I thought but it’s like Playing with the legend!

Playable: Athena

Favorite NPC - gotta go with Mr. Torgue for this game. (My sweet, sweet Dr. Patricia Tannis would be my favorite of the whole series though.)

Favorite playable character: Athena. Mainly because she’s the only one who doesn’t seem to be an utter sociopath and is actually offended when Jack airlocks the R&D staff…

My favorite of the playable characters is Nisha because she’s as snarky as I am. Her comments alone make for a fun playthrough, double that if you’re playing co-op and listen to her comments about the other characters.

NPC? Has to be Janey Springs. It would be Tiny Tina, but I’m not counting her as an NPC since you never physically see her and can’t interact with her.

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I am loving FragTrap so I’ll go with him for best PC

As far as NPC I am voting for a playable version of Boganella!

I reckon I could even do the voice for it no f*cking worries mate!

Just ask Spunky or anyone who has heard me online. :smile:

Is Claptrap a redundant answer?

Anyways, I’d say SC4V-TP, BR8-BOT, and CU5TM-TP

Well, anything Claptrap related…

Playable: Wilhelm

NPC: Brick

Playable: Nisha

NPC: Torgue or Tiny Tina in TPS… Tannis in the series as a whole… “Bacon is for sycophants and products of incest…” classic!

Definitely Aurelia. I love seeing everyone freeze right in front of me.

Playable: Wilhelm

Npc: SHiFT code kiosk man

Playable: Clappy!
NPC: Jack until his favorite toy is broken, then he just becomes a real jerk.

Torgue, Tiny Tina, Brick, RedBelly.

Honorable mentions to Claptrap, Timothy, and Aurelia.