Favourite vault hunter pre-launch, launch and now

From me pre-launch it was Moze, Amara, Zane and then FLAK just from their character trailers and was how I played them. After playing through with each Moze, FLAK, Zane and Amara was the order I liked them and that’s still the same. Moze is currently the only vault hunter I’ve done most of the content (base, dlc and the first takedown, hate guardian one) done a full true vh run and created a second run with her. Also the gunner vault hunters seems to be the class I tend to play first in each of the games, guess its my play style and Moze and iron bear was appealing and for me still is.

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Zane was my favorite, Pre-Launch.

Then he was butchered with Pre-Launch Nerfs.

I settled on Moze, until I quit playing.


Pre-launch: Fl4k, Launch: Fl4k, Now: Fl4k

i enjoyed playing the others but I always find myself coming back to fl4k. love them!


Pre-launch: Defintely Fl4k.

But after I played extensively, I was very disappointed with how it turned out. It was nothing how I expected a “beastmaster” would be like. I still play Fl4k the most. In a weird outcome, I found Moze to be crazy fun. I never really go for the gunner class but Moze is very enjoyable to play and was very happy when she got the buffs that was needed. Though it almost seemed like a rework of her skill trees. Long story short, I hope Fl4k gets some similar treatment.


Moze was my favorite pre-launch and my first to level 50. DLC 1 had me running a x2 ION cannon and a corrosive ION cannon with a cloning hex. I was farming VIP tower so fast and it was so FUN! I also had a breath of the dying! Melting robots left and right and then-
Hop on one day to realize my build was BROKEN
I was like “why am I running outta rockets so fast”
Then I picked up Zane and haven’t touched moze since. I feel like there’s so many convoluted synergies that I just don’t care to learn between artifacts, shields, grenade mods, etc. I’m a simple man and I like simple gear. I don’t like doing specific things to piece together a gear puzzle.
I still don’t know what shield is best for Zane, just been running a transformer. Need to get a new pearl but can’t be bothered atm. Will wait for DLC 4 to reset my missions.
Would like to play Fl4k but something about his jacket (I know, right?) bothers me. I just wanna be a naked robot.


Zane and Zane.
Came for the skill concept
stayed for the personality


Since I primarily play Sirens in 1 & 2 Amara was my first choice pre-launch.
Then played her, got her to lvl 50 (cap at that point) and was pretty happy with her.
I tired the other 3, and gave Zane my serious time, and he’s now my main and only, got a few Zane’s up at max level waiting for OP levels to be created :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Then not Zane for a while due to.

And then Zane, again, for the reasons @Superfr34k mention. And for the voice.

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Before game- Meh idk I guess Zane because he can use 2 skills

Day 1-10 - Zane is amazing cool mechanics and fun to mix ability’s

Now- Zane basically OP to the point clone /drone can do all the work for you. Easily the most OP class mod letting him abuse kill skills as long as he has something to shoot at. While also having mostly useless trash class mods.
barrier used to be a staple of most Zane players but now the only reason you would use barrier is to abuse Redistributer.


Fl4k was my favourite pre-launch when their skilltree got revealed.

Then the game launched and the first 3 hours I played with Fl4k.

Then I somehow lost that savegame (Installed the game on another PC and even though I had cloud saves enabled I couldn’t find the Fl4k save. Btw, I didn’t even find it after returning to the original PC I first installed it on) and since I didn’t feel like repeating the whole thing like that I gave Zane a try instead and never came back for anyone else.

  • Pre-launch - Moze, because I expected her to be closer to Titanfall’s character.
  • Launch - Zane, because having 2 skills is something that was tossed by TotalBiscuit on BL2 launch and I waited for it ever since. And it was pretty good during 1st play-through. However novelty wore off fast.
  • Now - I like Fade Away FL4K. FA is good for offensive, defensive and mobility. Pets are bunch of wet noodles (as people call 'em around here), their contribution is underdeveloped but main skill is good enough for now.
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  1. Amara
  2. FL4K
  3. Zane
  4. Moze


  1. Amara/Zane
  2. FL4K
  3. Moze


  1. Zane
  2. Amara/FL4K
  3. Moze
    (Concerning Moze: I may try to play the DLC with her and level her beyond 50, but I’m just not a fan of “hi-ho I’m a soldier baby bang bang pew pew” characters. I hope her characterization feels a bit more dynamic in the DLC and that I can find her skill trees a bit more interesting now that time has passed.)
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It would be interesting if with each DLC they reworked the skill trees, sort of like how when Blizzard releases an expansion for WoW all classes get reworked.

Based on trailers and early skill tree leaks

  1. Fl4k & Zane
  2. Moze
  3. Amara
    I like Zer0 in BL2 a lot and seeing Zane’s clone allowing him to distract enemies and teleport seemed like fun. Also the drone was cool and seeing it could be made cryo reminded me of my TPS favorite Aurelia’s action skill. Saw Fl4k trailer later and he went full invisible so I was basically sold on that but a bit on the edge as I generally don’t like pet classes.

I didn’t play at launch.

Currently it is

  1. Flak
  2. Moze
  3. Zane & Amara

Fl4k cashed in. The playstyle I wanted I’ve pretty much got. Not exactly the way I thought but close enough and I enjoy playing him a lot. The pet part didn’t end up bothering me much as previous pet classes used their action skill for it, here I just get it for free. They are kind of disappointing in how inefficient they are even when built for but I’m not really gunning for that.

Moze has managed to surprise me by being way more enjoyable than I would’ve thought. My biggest gripe with her is that holding down the action skill button seriously should just plop auto-bear on the field instead of making me go in and out of the thing if all I want is some short term fire support (or playing with Rocketeer although I’m not).

Zane and Amara are too ungabunga for me. Both have potential to be really enjoyable if things got tweaked a bit but as things are I’ll probably just get them from 60 to 65 when the level cap raises and leave them be.

Why tho? MMOs redesign their skills because they need to always add new skills in expansions and they need to remove or rework old ones to make room for new ones or you’ll run out of space on your hotbars or have a ton of reduntant skills. That’s not the case in a game like this.


Pre: Zane > Moze >> Amara >>> Flak

Post: Moze > Amara >>> Flak & Zane

I was never really interested in Flak, but Zane went from “cool mercenary with 2 action skills” to “worst of all the Flynts, even Sparky” (mainly because of his dependency on one single DLC class mod and his highly annoying personality for me personally).


pre launch zane on release zane after seein dead and recent AS buffs fl4k is the only reasonable character to play

Pre launch : Fl4k
Launch : Fl4
Now : Gigach4d Fl4, the absolute 10/10 VH

Pre launch: Zane
Launch: Zane
Now: Zane (but stopped playing until heavy changes come to his skill trees, i’m bored using the same classmod for months)



Pre-Launch, it was Zane because his dialog grated on me the least (Borderlands, I love you, but some of your characters over the years sound like douches to me sometimes. Sincerely, thank you for the option to turn off callouts).

Now it’s Zane, but mostly because he was picked for my Atlas allegiance. Using the Clone to zip in and out of places strategically is great fun, and my crush with Atlas weapons pre-launch has blossomed into a love affair now that I’m fluent in them with a build to match.

I still roll my custom dice to see which character I’ll play, so they generally get equal screen time, but I get the most excited when Atlas Zane comes up.